The psychological operation that was put on by the democrats and the leftist media for the past two weeks finally came to an end on Wednesday with no violence from any Trump supporters.

It was all-hands-on-deck for the democrats who were able to keep their psyops operation in place and their “TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE TERRORSTS” story going for a whole two weeks. Pretty impressive. Most stories die in about two days due to the attention span of the American public.

Trump supporters across the country were painted as domestic terrorists and democrats and the media worked hard on the optics for TV viewing, making sure photos of 25,000+ National Guard members appeared all over the TV and internet, showing a police state.

Trump supporters are now portrayed as enemies of the state and all measures were and will be employed to combat them, now and in the future.

But what actually DID happen on inauguration day? 

Well, the usual Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence, of course, because the democrats have absolutely no interest in putting an end to it. 

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For the most part, Antifa and BLM has been an asset to the democratic party under Trump and were used to help their election chances. But now that Biden is President and the mobsters are going after democrats, things might actually change. Time will tell.

But for now, the AntifaBLM terrorism and violence continues and there are no sign of it stopping after more than 10 months.

The democrats have been supporting them, participating with them and like Kamala Harris, bailing them out of jail when they actually get arrested.

The democratic supported Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists were out in the streets of Seattle on Wednesday, blocking traffic and setting an American flag on fire and burning a banner by commuter buses. They also vandalized an Amazon Go store and other businesses.

They chanted their usual B.S. of “No cops, no prisons, total abolition!” as they marched.

They also broke windows at the U.S. Courthouse. Was the National Guard brought in for this insurrection? NOPE. 

Was this covered by CNN or CBS? Just barely. But they went back to using the language of “protesters” and “demonstrators” when talking about their mob friends instead of rioters, insurrectionists and terrorists as they describe Trump supporters.

And then there’s Portland, where the insurrection hasn’t stopped since it began almost a year ago.

In Portland, 200 Antifa terrorists committed arson, attacked police and went after the Democratic headquarters on inauguration day. Just like most of the democrats on Twitter, they want revenge for whatever their issue is. They’re full of hate and have been for years. They’re not giving it up. 

Their signs said, “We are ungovernable”, “Fuck Biden” and “We want revenge for police murders, imperialist wars and fascist massacres.”

The police in Portland were on their own on their bikes, monitoring the area where Antifa had advertised a meet-up. Yes Antifa advertises. They are not blocked by social media at all and because they rarely go to jail (or stay there) they are emboldened to advertise what they are up to.

Surprisingly, eight of the terrorists were actually arrested and they were in the usual age-range of 18 to 40. Many were caught with knives and long poles. Yes, definitely sounds like a protester or demonstrator to me.

So when Biden gave his fake unity speech the other day and talked about going after domestic terrorism, I’m SURE he was talking about going after Antifa and Black Lives Matter too, right? ‘Cause there’s certainly a Hell of a lot more of them out committing violence than the number of people arrested at the Capitol on January 6th. 

But Biden’s not going to do anything about them unless they become a problem for the democrat party and he’s forced to do so. 

The question is – have they worn out their usefulness? 

But the problem is – have these terrorists reached a point where the democrats can no longer control the monsters that they have created?

It’s really a crap shoot. Biden could lose a large amount of his progressive base and minority vote if he lays down the law on these insurrectionists.

It would be nice if the FBI gave a crap about the situation. But with deep state swamp rat FBI Director Christopher Wray staying at his post under Biden, not much will change until Biden issues the directive that the AntifaBLM are no longer untouchable.

Finding these AntifaBLM terrorists and what they’re up to is really not that hard. Ahead of the inauguration, Antifa had put out posters and advertised their plans for the day so it wasn’t brain surgery to know where and when they would attack.

And Andy Ngo has all kinds of video for the FBI to comb through from all of the Antifa/BLM riots. So the FBI can look through those photos and track them down just like they are doing with the Trump supporters who were at the Capitol on January 6th. 

But they won’t. Not a priority.

The Biden FBI is too busy looking through the cell phones of the National Guard members to see if they support Trump. 

So the AntifaBLM terrorists will continue their violence as long as they keep getting a pass from the democrats, the media and the “justice” system.

In August, hundreds of Antifa terrorists were given a pass for their violence because they were “angry.” Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt decided not to file charges against them because the “protesters” were angry and “deeply frustrated with what they perceive to be structural inequities in our basic social fabric. 

Well if they have a good excuse, by all means, please continue to excuse them from  interfering with a police officer, disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing, escape, harassment and rioting. 

Unless they are Trump supporters, of course.

Just last week, Antifa tried to stop police from responding to a 911 call about an armed man threatening to harm people. The Antifa mob didn’t want the knife-wielding man to be harmed so they interrupted and threatened the police which made it impossible for the police to approach the man for three hours. He was ultimately tased and taken into custody. 

The extra resources needed for the situation created a backlog in police responses to other emergency calls. 

But these leftist terrorists could care less.

And the democrats don’t care either or they’d put a stop to it.