The democrats continue their mission to target Trump supporters for destruction whether that’s in the form of ridicule, censorship, getting people fired, blackballing them from jobs, starting truth commissions, deprogramming us, de-banking us or whatever else their little creative hearts can come up with.

In a message to their supporters, the Democratic Governors Association recently sent out a survey, requesting an immediate response. 

I was sent a screenshot of one of the survey questions from an undercover patriotic citizen who was appalled by their blatant totalitarianism future goals.

One of their questions was: How important is it to you that Democrats root out Trumpism and stop extremist Republicans across the country?

You could answer extremely important, very important, somewhat important or not at all important.

I guess the governors are trying to figure out how much time and money they want to spend to “root us out.”

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I DuckDuckGo-ed the phrase (Google sucks) and they said that “root out” means to remove and abolish completely.


Other definitions included to search out and discover – and the ominous “destroy completely, as if down to the roots.”

So I guess we know where the Democratic governors stand on Biden’s fake unity platform.

The Democratic Governors Association is based in Washington DC and includes U.S. state and territorial governors affiliated with the Democratic Party. It was founded in 1983 to support Democratic governors and candidates across the country. To elect Democratic governors, they provide resources and money to help the candidates.

The survey from the DGA showed up on which is coordinated by Anne Lewis Strategies, a company that says they “partner with you to develop effective, ambitious and innovative digital strategies to improve the lives of people throughout the world.”

Their website humorously says that they work alongside organizations who strive to increase “inclusion, equity and justice around the world” in an effort to include and elevate “diverse perspectives.”

Diverse perspectives?

Hm… maybe they should drop the Democratic Governors Association as a client then. If the DGA intends to go after and root out Trump supporters then they don’t really qualify to be associated with Anne Lewis Strategies.