King Biden is ruling by Executive Order even though he previously said that doing that kind of thing is only done by a “dictator.” 

I’m sure the Bidenator was just talking about Trump though. Surely he wasn’t talking about Obama or his future self.

In only 10 days in office, the progressives have much to be proud of with their one man wrecking ball presidential frontman.

Biden is signing so many Executive Orders that he’s got a hand cramp but he’s a good little soldier and is doing what he is told (literally).

Dementia Joe isn’t even coordinated enough to put his Executive Order signing pen in his pocket. Looks like we need a new Pen Czar appointed immediately. Where the heck was Jill?

So yes, Biden DOES has a pen and a phone just like Obama did and he’s using them at a rampant pace. 

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But what he doesn’t have anymore is Trump’s “diet Coke” button on the Oval Office desk.

What the heck, Joe? Just change it to a prime rib button or a shrimp button – or Twinkies or Doritos. Enjoy the office for God’s sake.

But I digress…

Thanks to the flurry of fantastical Biden Executive Orders during past ten days, here are a few of the things that our great country can now enjoy…

Dudes going into the bathrooms and locker rooms of females.

Dudes competing in girls sports and taking away their college scholarships.

Foreigners from terrorist countries like Iran coming into the country unvetted.

Former welders and thousands of others who were working on the Keystone XL pipeline now having to move into their mother’s house and learn how to code after losing their jobs. I’m sure they won’t miss the $1.6 billion in wages they were getting. McDonald’s is hiring and Biden is trying to get everyone a $15/hour wage.

Former construction workers who were working on the border having to move into their mother’s houses as well after also losing their jobs. At least 5K workers are gonna be out of work.

The potential of millions of people losing their jobs due to the moratorium on oil and gas leases on federal land. MASA Joe. Make America Suck Again.

High gas prices and oil dependence on Venezuela and Saudia Arabia because of all of Joe Biden’s climate change crap. I just love depending on dictators for our energy, don’t you?

A plethora of more drugs and sex trafficking, murders and COVID-19 coming into the country due to Biden’s insistence on open border orders and pandering to illegal aliens for votes. 

An extended period to sign up for Obamacare so that everyone has the privilege of paying $1000 a month for sucky health insurance with a $5000 deductible.

Property owners going into bankruptcy when they lose control over their own property because Biden says their renters don’t have to pay them anymore.

Federal workers being forced to wear masks on federal property (except for the President and the press secretary and any other democrat who doesn’t feel like it).

Getting rid of privately owned prisons. Maybe the prisoners and the illegal aliens can get together and form their own state. I hear that DC is up for grabs.

Allowing China to control our electric grid – buried in one of his climate change Executive Orders. Didn’t hear about that one, did ya?

And where the Hell is my stimulus check?

Day 10, no check.

Big surprise, Biden.

Big surprise.