Joe Biden raised his hand and took an oath where he promised to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. 

That’s a joke.

He has no intention to do anything of the sort. And neither do his leftist friends who will be the ones running the country.

Let’s take a look at the Bill of Rights and their total disgust with it. 

There are many rights in the Constitution that they’d like to take away from us and have been trying to take away from us for a very very long time.

First Amendment – Freedom of Religion

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All across the United States, democratic governors made rules to shut down churches citing the pandemic. 

You could still go to your local liquor store, the pot shop, Menards and Burger King. You could still have a Black Lives Matter protest and riot with thousands of people. 

But churches were a no-no. They were super-spreader events. 

The democrats seemed to think that their unconstitutional pandemic emergency orders overrode the Constitution.

When given unlimited and unconstitutional control over us, shutting down churches was one of the first things they did, showing their true colors.

The free exercise of religion is not allowed.

Tyrant democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had no problem whatsoever going after churches. He said, “We know religious institutions have been a problem. We know mass gatherings are a super-spreader event.” He went on to say that religious leaders would have to agree to follow existing rules – that would be HIS rules as opposed to the Constitution.

And Biden’s plans, among other things, include getting rid of “religious protections” that allow groups like faith-based charities and small business owners to follow their consciences and religious teachings in what they do.

Biden said, “The idea of ‘religious freedom’ as a reason to allow discrimination has stoked divisiveness in this country.” He continued to say, “Religion should not be used as a license to discriminate.”

Democrats want Catholic charities to provide birth control and went after a Christian baker who refused to bake a custom cake for a gay couple. They complain that freedom of religion is a cover for discrimination. 

And they absolutely can’t stand any conservative judge nominees who are religious. 

During a hearing for Amy Coney Barrett to become a 7th Circuit Court Judge in 2017, democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein said, “the dogma lives loudly within you” an obvious attack on her faith.

First Amendment – Freedom of Speech

Take a look around you. The democrats are all about abridging the freedom of speech whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, radio shows, podcasts, TV shows, protesting or whatever else they can come up with. 

It’s good to have friends in high places who can do your dirty work for you and illegally interfere in an American election. Russia and China can only dream to interfere in our elections on a scale that social media, the leftist media and leftist corporations do.

And let’s not pretend like the social media platforms are “private” companies and should be able to do what they want. They are working hand-in-hand with democrats in government so yes, the first amendment is attached to what they are doing because they are acting at the request of the government.

According to the democrats, Trump and his supporters are NOT allowed to have an opinion and certainly aren’t allowed to share their opinions anywhere in public.

Suppression of Freedom of Speech is definitely a priority for the democrats and they intend to shut it down with the help of all of their leftist media friends. The only voice they want heard is their own.

To further push their goals of censorship, no one doubts that the Fairness Doctrine will be coming ’round the corner soon so they can control the airwaves and shutdown conservative speech. Look out Rush, Sean, Dan, Ben – and Steve. These talk show hosts will be labeled as terrorists and spreaders of misinformation.

Celebrities and media people are all over the place with their Trump hate and Trump supporter hate, pushing Biden to go after us and “deprogram” us as Katie Couric wants.

Maybe we should tell Katie about the detention camps that Germany is setting up right now (yes they’re really doing that). Instead of imprisoning COVID-19 rule breakers, democrats can throw Trump supporters in there.

Singer Stevie Wonder, other celebrities and even elected democrats want a truth commission. Maybe Stevie and his leftist friends should move to North Korea where they belong. But hey, why would they have to do that when they have a political party who is willing to turn the United States into North Korea?

Dems also don’t want Republican senators to say anything they want on the Senate Floor. Nope, only leftist speech is allowed. And only THEY are allowed to object to the electors of a presidential election like they did with Trump.

First Amendment – Right to Peaceably Assemble and Petition Government for a Redress of Grievances

Antifa and Black Lives Matter can riot for months (not peaceably), setting fires, killing people, throwing bricks at police and more. 

Those were called “peaceful protests” by the democrats and their leftist media friends – and are totally supported even during a pandemic. Kamala Harris helped bail them out of jail.

But if 100 or so Trump supporters (and others) are arrested for breeching the Capitol, freedom of assembly is not allowed anywhere near the Capitol after that. Democrats assume you are evil and will not allow you to assemble.

The democrats went right to work putting up walls, security fencing, bringing in the National Guard and making sure that Trump supporters couldn’t protest the inauguration anywhere near the inauguration. 

Second Amendment – Right to Bear Arms

The second amendment is always under assault when democrats are in charge anywhere.

Biden has said, “It’s long past time we take action to end the scourge of gun violence in America. As president, I’ll ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, implement universal background checks, and enact other common-sense reforms to end our gun violence epidemic.”

He has pledged even more including gun taxes and criminalizing private guns sales. 

The democrats are salivating at the opportunity to do what they can to take away gun rights and make law abiding citizens less safe.

Fifth Amendment – Due Process

Due process is out the door with democrats in charge. The unconstitutional pandemic orders proved that. Democratic governors shut down what they wanted with their illegal orders. They decided who could remain open with no real science or data on their side.

What could you do about it? Nothing. 

Even if you got a court hearing, the democratic judges told you it was too bad. The state was in charge. You have no rights in America anymore unless the democrats give you those rights.

They can fine your business, seize your bank accounts and do what they want. They don’t care if you have a family to provide for, bills to pay and a staff to keep employed. Too bad for you.

All during the pandemic, the democrats have deprived people of life (not allowed people to go to hospitals or doctors for medical issues), liberty (do what we say or else!) and property (you can’t open your own business and renters don’t have to pay you).

And let us not forget that Mr. Nobel Peace Prize Obama assassinated Americans oversees who got no due process at all before they were killed.

Ninth Amendment

This is quite possibly the amendment which has been under the most assault.

It’s pretty much ignored by every politician and court in the nation.

The Ninth Amendment addresses rights retained by the people that are not specifically enumerated in the Constitution.

It says, “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”


That never happens.

Our rights are denied and disparaged all the time.

This Amendment is totally ignored by our elected leaders as they write their 1000-page bills.

Wanna know my proof? 

Check out the Federal Register which lists all of the rules the federal government has made to control us. 

There are 852,509 documents in it!!!


And each document has countless rules inside of it that are totally unconstitutional. Pages and pages and pages…

The Federal government is supposed to have limited power over us. Very limited.

But they don’t. They write unconstitutional bills and they let the unelected fourth branch of government, the bureaucracy, the deep state, write even more rules to control us.

We are supposed to have unalienable rights. But that doesn’t happen under democratic control.

Coming soon, under complete democratic rule, will be an attempt to destroy as much of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as they can.

Joe Biden should have tried to be authentic on Wednesday. He should have swore to defend the Constitution on a comic book. Or he could have just crossed his fingers behind his back.