In order to to write articles for the Steve Gruber website, I have to do a lot of research. I have to search for old events and speeches and documents and lots more. 

OVERWHELMINGLY in the past week, the Google results have come up with only anti-Trump stories for anything I search for. OVERWHELMINGLY. 

And the results have nothing to do what I asked for. 

What I’m getting is 100% anti-Trump links on the first page of my Googled search results. It’s whatever the Google overlords want me to see – not what I want me to see.

The latest example of this is when I searched “Trump Speech at White House republicans attacked.” 

I’m sure you all remember this event. It was the end of the RNC convention where Trump gave a speech on the lawn of The White House. 

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Democrats and the leftist media complained that Trump was holding a super-spreader event and they ignored the REAL story of the day which was how their democratic AntifaBLM terrorist friends were waiting for the attendees after the speech so that they could surround them, chase them and commit violence against them.

So this event was at THE WHITE HOUSE (which was in my search) NOT the Capitol and I specifically asked for results on REPUBLICANS being attacked.

But Google could care less what I searched for.

The whole first page of my results was a long list of anti-Trump stories with the following headlines:

Top House Republicans Say Trump Bears Responsibility for Capitol Riot

In new video, Trump condoms violence without mentioning his second impeachment

House GOP leader: The president bears responsibility for attack

Growing cohort of republicans turn against Trump as he denies inciting capitol attack

Republicans largely silent about consequences of deadly attack and Trump’s role in inciting it

And on and on and on.

I’m sure you get the idea how it played out.

Yahoo wasn’t much better. On the whole front page of their search results, there was only one result of what I asked for and it was from

It was only when I went to un-biased and un-communist search engine DuckDuckGo that I was able to get what I asked for.

I got the same BS results when I did a search for “Trump supporters were attacked” when I was looking for the list of all the violence committed against Trump supporters. I put the word “were” in the search on purpose to get the right information back. 

But that didn’t happen. What results did Google give me? Well, of course I got a list of Trump supporters attacking people. Why would we possibly expect anything different?

I’ve always had issues with biased results from Google in the past but as I said above, it was OVERWHELMINGLY obvious this week no matter what I was searching for. 

It’s all out censorship, propaganda and information manipulation with the social media and leftist internet giants at this point.

I had heard on a talk show about how the leftists want to control everything we see and hear and that is certainly true. 

They might get away with it for a little while but their communist tactics aren’t going to work forever – and maybe not even through the end of the year. More and more, we are learning how to live without them and we will find alternatives. They will make themselves irrelevant.

I have faith that patriots will figure this all out and we will continue to have a voice, as the Constitution promises.