If the idea of America First animated the Trump years, then America Second and Third, and Fourth, are the bywords of the era now upon us as of noon Wednesday.

Foreign capitols rejoice, as America can now again be easily drawn into overseas conflicts. We will gladly pick up international bills again and not look too closely at the books and the real allegiances of the global organizations we fund. Those agencies, and even nations, may hate our guts and say it loudly and openly. But that’s alright, we like to be hated again because leftist masochism is now back in the driver’s seat.

It’s quite amazing really, the short memories people have. Not far from four years ago American sailors were Iranian prisoners and on their knees as captives for all to see. But voters forgot and voted for the number two man in the American regime that permitted it. About a year ago a Chinese pandemic began its run over us and the current president of the United States called efforts against it “xenophobic.”

Yes, I know any political campaign is more about likability than policy. But to exchange the policies of the previous administration for this administration, no matter the personal traits of the last president, is a negation of empirical evidence.

Soon, this new tree will bear fruit. NATO nations will go back to slacker funding. The French have already asked for military help in the Middle East. China is glad we’re in the WHO again. All except the only countries who matter, India and China, are thrilled we are signing back onto the Paris Climate Accords. The Iranians will now get to build their bomb unmolested and get financial incentives as well to do it, as we revivify the Iranian Nuclear Deal.

All these moves will make us popular overseas because they benefit other countries rather than America. So it stands to reason these actions will be popular in Berlin, Havana, and Beijing. With the American taxpayer, not so much. However, that’s not an issue, as taxpayers have now been relegated to a secondary concern.

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Though the new president may find out there is a difference between being liked and respected. The reason the previous administration was able to not only avoid war, but bring peace to areas and protect this country, was because it was respected. Oh, the headlines talked about an unpopular America. But strangely, no enemy dared openly confront us on a battlefield. They knew what lay in store for them if they did.

Yet now, good old gullible America is back. Need help with a civil war where there are no American interests at stake? We’re here to help. Well, maybe not with troops or the Navy because they will be on the funding chopping block. However, we will happily send just enough forces to get us locked in a quagmire. That’s us again, willing to go anywhere and do anything as long as we get nothing out of it. America Second, say hello to the new boss.