It looks like Biden’s “day one” plans and the rest of his agenda are destined to make America Suck Again just like it did in the past under the Obama administration. This is just Obama 3.0 on steroids.

One of Biden’s main goals is to legalize millions of illegals. It’s all about getting democratic votes no matter what it does to the country and the Americans living in it. 

And open borders during a pandemic? No problem.

America last.

The $15 hour minimum wage is another example of Biden not putting America first. He definitely isn’t looking out for our small American businesses and they need all the help they can get right now during the pandemic.

As far as COVID-19 relief is concerned, Biden has promised to help businesses who have suffered during the pandemic – but he is focusing on women, blacks and other hand-picked people. 

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Discrimination. It’s what democrats do under the guise of justice and equality.

Biden will also have America rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement which will stifle business growth across the country and shut them down because of massive regulations.

Biden also plans to reverse Trump’s Executive Order which protected the nation from foreign terrorists entering the United States. This order was called a “Muslim ban” by the democrats and their leftist media friends who were unconcerned about our national security and wanted to paint Trump as Islamophobic.

But what does Biden care about protecting us from terrorists? 

Places like Iran, Libya and others are not his enemies. The democrats have their deals in place. That’s why he’s they’re so eager to re-join the Iran Nuclear Deal as well. Maybe he’ll send Iran another pallet of cash.

America last.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Biden plans to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline because we certainly don’t want America to remain energy independent or have low oil prices.

Sounds like a great democrat plan.

Oh wait…. there AREN’T any great democrat plans. Their only plans are ones that keep America down and out so that the democrats can control us by promising to help us after they destroy us. That’s pretty much the democrat platform right there.

America last is not what I signed up for and no amount of censorship, threats, bullying and harassment will ever make be bow down to the democratic communists who will be running the country.

I’ll be taking a knee during the Biden presidency.