Over the Thanksgiving weekend, my liberal granddaughter came to visit and made it clear that she thinks Trump and his supporters are racist.

I asked her if she thought I was racist – because if Trump was racist, then I was. She didn’t answer. When I asked her for even one example of why Trump was racist, she also had no answer. She said to Google it. 

She has no real information – no facts to debate. She is not thinking for herself. She just parrots what she hears from her friends on TikTok, through other social media platforms and celebrities. She is proof that the brainwashing of our youth by the democrats is going well.

Determined to indoctrinate the rest of the country, the democrats are all-in on teaching critical race theory and how the white people in America are all racist and have white privilege.

With Trump in charge, government sponsored racial indoctrination among federal employees was put to a halt. The plans by federal agencies who wanted to implement critical race theory and white privilege training were kiboshed by President Trump’s executive order that prohibited it. 

These programs assume that all white people in the country are racist and that all men are sexist. But don’t worry because the democrats are going to get your brain right just like they do in communist countries. They’re called re-education camps and the leftists love them.

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With a possible Harris/Biden administration, the democrats are all giddy that they’ll be able to push their racist agenda on the country.

Recently, a letter was signed by 46 higher education groups in the American Council on Education and sent to Biden asking him to reverse Trump’s executive order against critical race theory and other policies they view to be racist, sexist and personally offensive.

They also want affirmative action used in the higher education system so that race can be a factor when admitting people to college.

It’s always the ones who scream about racism who are the MOST racist.

And now we have New Jersey legislators who seem to be in a hurry and have already decided that they don’t want to wait to see who’s going to be president. They have voted on a bill and passed “social justice” education for their public schools.

The bill would require lessons about racism, social justice and teach black history. 

What about the Indian history? Jewish history? What about the history of short people? 

Why are these democratic leftists allowed to push their bigoted agenda in our schools and only focus on the people that they want to focus on?

A student in a New Jersey school who is associated with the terrorist group Black Lives Matter introduced this proposal.

The legislation gives $400K to teach that “inequality is a consequence of prejudice and discrimination in the pursuit of maintaining power and dominance over certain portions of society” and “emphasize the personal responsibility of each citizen to fight racism and hatred whenever and wherever it happens.”

So if you are a black person or a woman, you have personal responsibility when it comes to fighting racism but you have absolutely NO personal responsibility when it comes to your own life. 

If you’re unsuccessful, it’s because the racists and sexists wouldn’t allow you make a better life for yourself.

That kind of thinking is not going to help anyone get ahead in life. It will only allow people to make excuses for themselves and not push themselves to be exceptional and live their best life by taking advantage of the freedom and opportunities that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution gives them.