The fake war on climate change and the REAL war on American capitalism is going to get a new warrior.

President-Reject Biden is getting his climate change Army together and is reported to have chosen former Michigan Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm for his Energy Secretary.

It makes perfect sense that he’s put an anti-energy person in charge of his energy department. After all, most of Biden’s policies are totally anti-American and he is on track to be the next (Un)President of America. 

Biden has to do what he can to make sure that those in control of American policy don’t actually have America’s best interests as their priority. 

The days of America first are over.

We’re going from MAGA to MASA.

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Make America Suck Again.

Well done, Biden. You’re well on your way.

Granholm’s energy crown within a Biden administration will be well deserved because when she was Michigan’s Governor, she pushed her green energy policies down everyone’s throats so that a large share of Michigan’s energy would be coming from renewable sources like wind and solar. 

Coal plants were her enemy.

Granholm will likely advance the same corrupt policies of the Obama administration where they “incentivize” development of low-carbon energy sources. 

In other words, democrats start energy businesses and non-profits to shovel in all kinds of money from the federal government so they can buy big homes and fancy cars.

Granholm’s 2009 State of the State speech had lots of green energy baloney in it. She told everyone how great Michigan was going to be and how many jobs everyone was going to have in the green energy sector.

But she didn’t blow everyone away with her plans as she promised. Under her tenure, there was a decline in the wealth of residents, a decline in economic output of GDP, a huge increase in unemployment and a record-setting number of people leaving the state. 

Granholm actually had an unemployment rate in Michigan that hit 15.5%. The Michigan unemployment rate reported in October of this year was only 5.5% and that’s during a lockdown and pandemic. 

Because of the lockdowns and the decrease in transportation during the pandemic, carbon dioxide emissions on the planet have dropped 7% and they’ve dropped 12% in America. 

But that’s not enough for the climate change nuts though. They want more, more, more. Can you imagine what they’re going to do to us to get to the goals that they want? 

And Granholm will lead the way.

The pandemic lockdowns will look like a walk in the park.

I guess we will have to find alternate ways to heat our homes because we won’t have access to the energy we want – or be able to afford what is available. 

Except for liberals, of course. Life won’t change for them.

Amazon will continue to fly planes and the rest of the leftists and democrats will be able to do what they want. They’ll get waivers – or “offsets” (bribes) as Al Gore used to call them.

The rest of us peons will need to store up on wood and horses.

The only problem with that is that some liberals aren’t going to be happy about us riding horses to work either. 

Your average horse produces nine tons of manure a year. Nine tons! Who knew?

All of that methane certainly can’t be good for the environment even if it’s re-purposed into fertilizer or used in other creative ways.

So maybe horses aren’t a good idea either. 

Maybe we just need to walk to work.

Oh, I know what the government can do… they can drag on the lockdowns as long as possible. I bet they haven’t thought of that at all.