In the sad gullible annals of the Left there is a lot to laugh at. The Great Society, The New Deal, and now, the New Green Deal. But sometimes we must withhold our jocularity and feel sincerely sorry for our Bolshevik pals. The last four years is one of those times.

Because, after an entire administration of calling Donald Trump and his administration “fascist,” what do the poor chumps have to show for it? Not much. Because by fascist standards the president has been a serious disappointment. So, even that labeling slipped from their grasp. I mean, what kind of self-respecting fascist was Trump?

First, no chic uniforms. Did the military get a new fashionable fascist makeover? Did Coco Chanel rise from the grave and design Pentagon general staff apparel like she did for the Wehrmacht in Nazi-occupied Paris in 1941? No. Our Army troops still look pretty much the same since the last French makeover.

And, the morose wretches of the Left didn’t even get good internment camps. How are you supposed to throw a decent resistance to fascism from the stage of the Tonys and Oscars? It’s positively unseemly that our brave Trots and Tankies have to whine about fascism from their multimillion dollar homes in NYC and Los Angeles. The scandal of it all.

And freedom of the press. How did it survive this last four years of fascism? Trump must be the first fascist dictator in history that was hounded by a free leftist press from the day he took office and before. Any rightist dictator worth his epaulets and peaked cap would have shot them all before the champagne was lukewarm at the inaugural balls. But Trump? Didn’t oppress them at all and was reduced to screaming about them on social media. What would Franco or Pinochet say? How, after such a poor performance as a dictator, could you look Trujillo or Salazar in the eye?

And wars? Fascist dictators love wars. Mussolini in Ethiopia, Hitler in Poland, the Japanese at Mukden are all shining examples of sending the troops on merry fascist jaunts. And Trump, what does he do? First president in over forty years that doesn’t get us in a foreign scrape and then has the gall to virtually end two wars and pull American troops out of foreign deployments. This just won’t do. He could of at least seized Toronto or Nogales on some chuffed up Sudetenland-like incident. But no. He just plods along like war is no fun.

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So, again we must pity the Left. They were robbed of a legitimate fascist and had to make due with a conservative. Though, same thing in their book. And when Biden not only doesn’t imprison them, but gives them important roles in his administration? Well, there’s gonna be hell to pay for that.