Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami in the LA County District prosecuted and got convictions of the torture and murder of eight-year-old Gabriel Fernandez who was killed in 2013 by his mother’s boyfriend. It was a great win for a heinous and much publicized case.

Now, Hatami is trying to go after another disgusting child killer, Akira Smith, who is accused of beating, torturing and murdering her four year old daughter, Eternity.

Akira Smith had years of involvement with the Department of Child and Family Services before the murder. She had two prior assault convictions including stabbing her boyfriend in front of her two kids, trying to stab her sister and punching her son in the face. She also got a DUI when she crashed the car with two of her kids inside the vehicle.

Regardless of Akira’s past history, DA Hatami has been ordered not to bring up any of her past as an “enhancement” for sentencing. He was instructed in a Special Directive from his boss, George Gascon, not to file any enhancements on the case because he doesn’t want the jury to be influenced by the poor murderer’s violent history.

She deserves a break.

George Gascon is the new District Attorney of Los Angeles County because of George Soros money. He was previously the DA in San Francisco where he was appointed to the position by Gavin Newsom and proceeded Kamala Harris in the job.

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Because of Gascon’s Special Directive to his prosecutors, the child-killing mom could face a lot less jail time and be able to get out on parole – as opposed to getting a 62-years-to-life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Is this a person we want let out on the streets?

Apparently Gascon does.

Deputy District Attorney Hatami, a victim of child abuse himself, could refuse to listen to his boss and face discipline. 

In order to fight for justice for Eternity, he might have to do that. 

Hatami told an ABC affiliate about some strange goings-ons with people coming into court monitoring the behaviors of the DAs and what they are saying. They are being documented and intimidated.

Looks like Gascon has hit the ground running after taking office on December 7th. He is monitoring the court proceedings in order to keep his prosecutors under control and the criminals protected.

Hatami said he’s going to fight for the kids and added, “I believe that there needs to be some reforms, however, those reforms need to be based upon the law. They also need to be based upon the protection of the public. They need to be based upon the protection of children. They need to be based upon the facts of each case.”

So what the heck is going on?

Lawless Gascon is one of the George Soros district attorneys that have been bought all across the country. 

The Soros plan is to create lawlessness and crime all over the United States, releasing the poor criminals from jail who have had a disadvantage in life.

George Soros funded DA Gascon is just doing what Soros paid him to do and it was a hefty price too – Soros had to spend $2 million to get Gascon in office.

Soros has gotten his money’s worth though with Gascon getting rid of sentencing enhancements for all of the criminals, even for an accused killer of a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy.

Sworn in only last Monday, Gascon announced getting rid of cash bail, the death penalty and not trying children as adults. He’s even going to review sentences that have already been decided by juries.

He said he wants to make changes that will affect the “truly vulnerable.” Obviously he thinks the truly vulnerable are the criminals, not the victims and innocent citizens in his city.

When Gascon was District Attorney in San Francisco for eight years, the city recorded the third-highest rate of violent crime in California and property crimes increased by 37%. Under Gascon, prosecutors only filed criminal charges in about half of the felony cases and filings in misdemeanor cases dropped to 40%. 

Prosecutors got disgusted with Gascon and 61 out of 140 of them left their post, with half of them resigning. 

Gascon was a very productive left-wing radical with a great audition tape to get millions from Soros for his next gig in LA County.

With more Soros plants all over the country, it’s looking like the law-abiding citizens of America are on their own protecting their lives and property. 

But then again, we pretty much saw that was the case while watching the rioting over the summer.