Unless a cult of personality is your thing, or you prefer worshipping politicians instead of ideas and God, then you, as I, voted for President Trump because of the results his administration brought to America.

Now while the man himself is impressive in many ways, we’ve got to remember that about half the country thinks he’s a vulgar bore. When we see guts, they see bullying. When we see determination, they see obstinacy. When we see cleverly owning the news cycle, they see meaningless petty fights and gibberish. And they are wrong. But sadly, approximately 5-10 percent, according to most polls, of Republicans do not feel as we do. We sure could have used those votes last month to continue the successful actions of the Trump administration. If the Texas lawsuit before the Supreme Court has a positive outcome, well, the point of this piece becomes moot. Personally, I’d rather be wrong than have the nation suffer through Biden. But we shall plow on.

The objections to the president amongst Republicans is by and large personal, especially with female suburban voters and the few Republicans left in the UHB (Urban Haute Bourgeoisie). His tone, his braggadocio, his Borscht Belt humor, things that many of us enjoy, drive those Republicans mad to distraction.

It is tempting to say to them, naff off. We don’t need your timid kind around here. But if winning elections and thus governing is our primary goal, as it should be, then sadly we do need them.

Thus the question is posed: Can we have the Trump administration’s accomplishments without the president? Because of his, to some, grating and abrasive personality, is he an albatross around the neck of Republican candidates? Well, yes and no. Depending on location.

Nationally, probably yes. Now you’re saying, But without the cheating we won! Probably, but we can’t prove it in a court of law. Not as of yet anyway. And all the fake hearings and press conference debacles do not take the place of the law. The judges are corrupt, you say. Yeah, so? Are their decisions not legally binding because we think some may be corrupt? Is there an asterisk by their judicial opinions that says, “Ignore this jurist. Just do whatever you want because this judge is REALLY crooked.” Uh, no.

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In the South and Midwest, the more populist conservative regions of the nation, he is terrific. The man is a godsend in those places. In purple states he is still good but more problematic. In blue states he is box office poison.

Could we regain some purple states and make inroads in blue states with a candidate or candidates who respect and support the president and what he’s done for America, but who do not mimic him in tone and style? Be honest. You know the answer to that. Do not feel your way to that conclusion. Think about it. Then, you’ll know how to approach the immediate Republican political scene unless, of course, the president learns from this election and changes, not his beliefs, but his tone and style accordingly.