The scene is being set now. The villain, the president, will be written as a sniveling low creature who is pathetically trying to cling to power. But lo! Just off stage are our golden and noble saviors, regular guy 6 pack Joe and the all knowing and all seeing woman of color, his trusty heir apparent Kamala.

Does it have any relation to reality? Of course not. But this is politics, ergo marketing and mass hypnosis, not reality. Operation Warp Speed and the vaccine will be forgotten. All negatives will be Trump’s fault, as we glide from the dark to the light under kindly Uncle Joe.

We can know this because it is all so very predictable. We’re running pretty good in those sweepstakes, as we nailed the election and its immediate aftermath with precision. Not that we’re Victor Davis Hanson or anything. It’s just so damned obvious. The upcoming ballyhoo will start about a month or two after January 20th. They’ll have to set the stage with a period of challenge and danger first. Perhaps another lockdown or two will do the trick.

Joe will lead us through that and in the spring the country will burst into bright sunlit uplands. Bars and restaurants will fully open, jobs will return, masks will come off because, finally due to Biden brilliance, Covid-19 will be vanquished. Fie, will be said to that nasty beast brooding in his Florida cave. He was useless, the tale will go. He had a year and nothing good came of it, whereas our heroes had three months and happy days are here again! Oh the joy!

There will be a full court press to sell this crock of manure to voters. Magazine covers, fawning coverage, Netflix specials, films. It will be a Leni Riefenstahl-like media environment. And our heroine Kamala will play a big role, a princess in waiting schooled in the glorious arts of government by the avuncular king.

All the while our leftist friends will chide us for not getting on the happiness train. We will respond that they are Pavlovian canines, dutifully reacting to the media pellets fed them. But the glow in their eyes will preclude a rational rejoinder. They will be in full leftist nirvana, for about 6 months. You see, reality awaits.

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Then the consequences of the new border policy will be felt, as our southwest is inundated with economic refugees who will strain the public purse to the breaking point. Biden’s economic and green deal nostrums will be felt in the loss of jobs and limited business investments in the immediate economic future. We will be humiliated several places around the world, as China, Russia, and Iran spank Joe Biden like a red headed stepchild. And then in 2022, Republicans will barely hold the Senate but will pick up over 40 in the House. Who’ll be ballyhooing then, Joe?