Democratic mole Attorney General William Barr’s recent announcement that no evidence has been discovered of enough voter fraud to change the results of the 2020 presidential election is a joke.

There has been no real investigation done by the DOJ and Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s attorney, said as much when he commented, “With all due respect to the Attorney General, there hasn’t been any semblance of a Department of Justice investigation. We have gathered ample evidence of illegal voting in at least six states, which they have not examined. We have many witnesses swearing under oath they saw crimes being committed in connection with voter fraud. As far as we know, not a single one has been interviewed by the DOJ. The Justice Department also hasn’t audited any voting machines or used their subpoena powers to determine the truth.”

Barr, who is besties with Robert Mueller, has slow-walked any investigations into the Obama administration’s coup against Trump and now he’s running cover for democratic voter fraud.

Barr is only slightly better than Obama’s buddies past FBI director Jim Comey or his Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the corrupt Eric Holder – but only because I don’t think Barr has participated in treasonous behavior. He just covers it up.

So with all of the systemic democratic voter fraud that went on and the subsequent cover up of their crimes, the big question about it is obvious…

Was this a coordinated effort from the top or are all democrats so corrupt that they just knew that they needed to steal this election at any cost and by any means, using any opportunity available? 

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Did a “memo” go out to make sure everyone was in on the fraud? 

Most likely, the easiest way to spread the word would have been to have the DNC confer with local DNC county parties and put out the word that they needed help in specific precincts to shut out nosy republicans and be available in overwhelming numbers for any fraud that needed to be done or covered up at the voting locations. 

It looks like a majority of the fraud was able to be perpetrated because of mail-in ballots, digital voting machines and software hacking. 

Those three things allowed the democrats to steal the election on a massive scale, mixing in digital voter fraud with good old fashioned voter fraud they are already used to committing.

So, there’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud, right Mr. Barr? 

Has Barr actually heard any of the testimony, read any of the affidavits from poll workers at election sites or seen any videos about what was going on November 3rd? Has he looked into the WIDESPREAD voter fraud at all?

I don’t think so.

I would say that having voter fraud in Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin (just to name a few states) makes it pretty widespread especially considering how the electoral college votes are counted.

So here’s a short list of voter fraud all over the country to help Barr out. This is a list of stuff he might want to look into since he doesn’t seem to know how to do his job.

This list includes proven accusations as well as statements made under the threat of perjury.

Dead people voted.

• People voted more than once.

• People voted for other people.

Signatures weren’t verified.

Voting machines were connected to the internet in multiple states

(it’s illegal and allowing the democrats to change votes).

• Voting machines were not secured with locks.

• Late ballots were backdated.

• The challenges of republican poll workers were ignored and not documented.

• Poll books were ignored and falsified.

• Democratic poll workers fed in the same Biden ballots multiple times.

• Trump ballots were separated and not scanned in to the voting machines.

Jump drives were used to transfer info. and also “lost” – with the chain of custody broken.

• Software changed votes whether done on purpose or not (Google Antrim County, Michigan).

• Dominion workers were on site to keep an eye on the steal so it could continue unabated. 

And they even scanned in ballots, including a Dominion employee who was a campaign 

worker of Kamala Harris.

• Republicans weren’t allowed to watch the voting procedure close enough to see anything

• Republicans were harassed, threatened and thrown out of precincts at the whim of democrats 

because they “stood too close” or weren’t wearing their masks properly. This included 

GOP lawyers.

• Ballot numbers didn’t match ballot numbers on envelopes.

• Trump ballots were thrown out or counted as Biden ballots.

  • Ballots were driven across state lines from New York to Pennsylvania.  

According to a truck driver, he transported 288,000 ballots.

A fake water main break happened in Fulton County, Georgia so that democrats could

get their voter fraud plan organized.

Ballots arriving in bulk when needed. 

• Democratic poll workers adding votes to ballots.

So…has William Barr talked to any of the people who have affidavits regarding all of this cheating in different states? 


Has Barr added up the total of all the votes affected in every state due to the widespread cheating?


Since the cheating seems to be in the right counties and precincts that were needed to steal the election – with the democratic control that was needed, it seems like the very similar accusations of voter fraud should be taken a lot more seriously by the DOJ.

The poor democrats almost didn’t accomplish their goal of stealing the election though because Trump’s win was so overwhelming. 

That’s why the democrats “stopped” counting the night of the election. At least they had stopped counting in front of any republicans.

It looks like the democrats most likely had “weighted” the votes they thought they needed to help push Biden over the top but it wasn’t enough. So they had to stop counting in order to mess with the software and drop some more Biden votes into the voting systems. 

The democratic criminals dropped them all at once in the dead of night.

No, that wasn’t suspicious at all that the votes were dropped way faster than a computer could actually accept and tabulate them. Gee, I wonder who’s jump drive those votes came from?

These democratic criminals who took part in the voter fraud seem to be from the national democratic party, local democratic parties, elected democrat legislators, poll workers, Secretaries of States, judges, Attorney Generals, Governors, Rinos and cowards like George Kemp, Board of State Canvassers, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and more. 

Whether coordinated or not, the fix was in and they were all on the same page to do whatever was necessary to steal the election from Trump.

Their goal, as always, was to get rid of Trump.

Impeachment didn’t work. The Russia hoax didn’t work. Nothing worked for four years. 

It was decided that Trump was NOT winning under any circumstances.

The republic will continue to be in great danger if the criminality of the democrats isn’t exposed and rectified. The democratic culture of corruption they have created must be stopped even if there is a lack of accountability or justice for any of them.