The oppressive and tyrannical government is pretending to know what they are doing and they think that shutting down restaurants is going to have a big effect on the spread of the virus.

It won’t. It hasn’t.

Never mind that actual data exists showing the reported spread of the virus attributed to restaurants in Michigan and in LA County in California is only sitting at about 4%. And these are just reported visits to restaurants by people who have contracted COVID-19.

Even if 50% of people with COVID-19 said they went to restaurants, the government has NO PROOF at all that the people getting the virus are getting them from the restaurant they visited.

There is NO WAY to track where your COVID-19 infection came from unless you are a health professional or a prisoner at a nursing home and for our governments to pretend otherwise is disingenuous and evil. 

It’s evil because they are using their unreliable data to choose one industry to close down all over the country. They are targeting restaurants and the virus marches on nevertheless.

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The fact that people getting infected at restaurants is a STASTIC, not a cause, just like a certain number of infected people wear brown shoes or have birds as pets.

I am sick of these heinous government officials destroying the lives of restaurant owners and using lies to do it. 

Did you know that the health departments all over the country don’t track anywhere people go for 15 minutes or less in their contract tracing? 

Like a lot of people, I go out to eat about once a week.

I also go to a bank once a week, a pharmacy once a week and a gas station once or twice a week. And the government is not tracking that information at all. But these geniuses are telling us the restaurants are the culprits of virus spread and they must be closed.

The government is full of C-R-A-P if they think they can, in any way, link dining in at restaurants to the spread of the virus any more than any other location that we go to.

I will continue to keep pointing out this tyranny because the local and state governments are full of ignorant people who know nothing about how or where the virus is spreading. They are destroying more people’s lives then the virus is.