Students of American history know that early on in the republic, around the Monroe administration, American went through a political period known as “The Era of Good Feelings.”

Popular political passion had died down a bit and the country was generally satisfied with its government. So much so that President James Monroe ran for president virtually unopposed. It didn’t last long, as the issues that were eventually to erupt into the Civil War were on the horizon.

Today we have been, for about 20 years and likely continuing on for at least another decade, neck deep in an Era of Bad Feelings. Opposing party conflicts and internecine fights within the parties and ideological movements are raging with no prognosis for abating anytime soon.

Democrats are at war between the liberal establishment hacks, like Joe Biden, and the socialist hard left, like Bernie Sanders. And there isn’t any fight in politics more vicious than a left wing squabble. Given media and youth ideology, the hard left has an advantage. Joe’s types are dying out or becoming independents.

On the right and in the Republican Party the fight is between a cult of personality around the president and what the president stands for. I’ve seen this recently myself, as fellow conservatives have taken great umbrage at my less than enthusiastic attitude towards the president’s post election political, not policy, moves. One called anyone who thought Joe Biden will be inaugurated a “tyrant.” Not quite sure how the logic plays there, but some Republicans and conservatives seem to me like a jilted lover who can’t believe the relationship is about to end.

They are mad, bitter, delusional, and downright in a state of denial that not only precludes intelligent analysis, but keeps them from focusing on actual winnable fights like Georgia. This is a strain of that specific malady not limited to Republicans or conservatives. The left went through the same thing four years ago. Tbey never ended it. Hopefully, in the acceptance of reality, we will not follow their lead.

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What will happen is that the players will merely be switched. We will, as we should, use every trick in the book to stymie the actions of the Biden administration when those moves will harm the country, which will often be the case. The left and the Democrats will go into pure defense mode and decry any criticism of Biden as unpatriotic and treasonous. We’re already seeing that. As 2022 gets closer and they psychologically prepare to lose the House, Democrats and the left will get more shrill and delusional.

It won’t end until a figure or even perhaps a new political party comes on the scene and offers practical center right ideals and a coherent government philosophy delivered in adult tones. Trumpism without Trump, may be a way to look at it. Or perhaps, Trumpism with a Trump reformed in public demeanor.