Monday, December 14, 2020. 

That will be the day that will be recorded as when America fell and government-sanctioned fraud exists in the United States of America.

November 3, 2020 was when we had TRUE interference in a presidential election. 

But it wasn’t the Russians. It was the democrats. 

Most of DC couldn’t stand the fact that Americans were essentially in charge of the country for four years under Trump. America first. That’s not how the country is supposed to operate. It’s supposed to be ran in a corrupt manner by politicians who are able to acquire money and power with their positions. 

Never again, they swore. No more Trump presidency.

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And it looks like they pulled it off.

God help us all. 

It was bad enough during the Obama presidency when we had to do our best to keep our jobs, our businesses and our health insurance and listen to him lecture us all the time about how crappy the country is. 

Now, with Obama 3.0 and Harris as our incoming president in a few months, we have to try to keep our country. 

After the election was stolen by the dems, fraudulent votes were certified in the states. Then on December 14th, enough electors voted for Biden for him to win the electoral college regardless of the election fraud that was perpetrated all over the country.

But Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Will NEVER Be my President. 


They will be UN-Presidents. 

Corrupt cheaters. Frauds. Charlatans. Con artists. Phonies. Crooks. Criminals. Thugs.

Meanwhile, as expected, the Swamp Rat Rinos (Chris Christie, Mitch McConnell and others) want Trump to concede and are telling everyone that  Biden is the reigning king.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has congratulated Biden for his win and failed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has called the Trump legal team a national embarrassment, ignorantly declaring to everyone that no voter fraud exists.

Most of the republicans could care less about election fraud. In fact, they accept it.

The majority of the cowardly elected republicans are mute. They aren’t protecting the voters, the country, the law or the Constitution.

There is absolutely NO concern from the republicans about the voter fraud that has occurred or will occur in the future.

Good-bye Senate. Good-bye midterm elections.

Good-bye America.

Trump votes didn’t mean a thing. They were changed, trashed, hidden and fractioned.

One person, one vote is a total lie. The democrats have turned us into a banana republic after successfully implementing their election schemes.

With the help of judges all over the country, including the Supreme Court, the fix was in. They were unified. 

And speaking of unity…For those who think Biden is all about unity are fooling themselves. You should have figured out that was a joke when you saw the photo of his dogs chewing on a Trump doll.

In Biden’s “victory” speech on Monday night after securing his votes from the electors to be president, he decided to trash Trump and his supporters. 

He took the low road and was angry and bitter, spending most of his speech defending his “win” in between his coughing fits.

Biden told all of the Trumpers that his overwhelming win should be celebrated, not attacked. He also laughably said that politicians don’t take power – that’s it’s granted to them by the people.


It’s granted to the democrats through the Dominion voting machines. That we know.

Biden went on to say that the vote was honest and fair. He seems to think that the rule of law, the Constitution and the will of the people prevailed because a number so big voted for him.

We should probably give Dementia Joe a little leeway on some of these comments though. He might have actually forgotten that he signed onto the election fraud earlier in the year. Or he doesn’t know that his wife did it for him.

President Reject Biden said that it is time to turn the page, unite and heal. He actually said this with a straight face after him and his democrat friends have spent the last four years lying about Trump and going after both him and us with lies, lawsuits and AntifaBLM mobs. 

No thanks, creep. 

I’m not participating in your world of lunacy and corruption.

I am in the resistance and I will stay here.