Over the holiday season, you might have been unplugged a bit from politics. I’ll admit I took a few days off from Trump and the democrats with intermittent Newsmax updates and looking on the internet to see what was going on.

Trump has got some pardoning going on and I was very happy to see so many people who were caught up in the Mueller investigation were pardoned. I don’t even care if they deserve the pardons or not. If the pardons annoy the leftists, that’s good enough for me.

The elected democrats, who commit crimes constantly and have nothing happen to them, are of course, complaining about the people that they set up with the Russia hoax getting pardoned. These sickos have the nerve to go out and tell everyone who they think “deserves” a pardon or not.

More than half of the democrat party should be in jail, including Obama and Biden. So I don’t give a crap what they and their leftist media friends have to say about Trump’s pardons. 

That includes Democratic congressman, Adam Schiff, who is a treasonous liar. He said this about the Trump pardons – “Lie to cover up for the president? You get a pardon. Corrupt politician who endorsed Trump? You get a pardon…” 

Democrat politicians are truly sick people and Trump is giving them payback. Too bad for them.

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Here are the people targeted in the Russia hoax who have been pardoned…

George Papadopoulos

Set up by Obama and the democrats at the beginning of the Russia Collusion hoax, Papadopoulos, a former Trump campaign adviser, more than most, deserved a pardon for sure. Targeted with lies from Obama’s friends, he got tied up in the corrupt Mueller investigation after being set up by the FBI.

The White House said, “Today’s pardon helps correct the wrong that Mueller’s team inflicted on so many people.”

The very grateful Papadopoulos said on “Mornings with Maria” on Fox Business, “I’m absolutely ecstatic. And first and foremost, I would just really like to express how grateful I am to President Trump for pardoning me and correcting what I think and what I think many people now with the overwhelming evidence out there would believe was a tremendous injustice and something that should have never happened — not only to myself, but to the 2016 presidential campaign and the country as a whole.”

Paul Manafort and Roger Stone

Also caught up in the Russia Collusion Hoax were Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former adviser Roger Stone, who were also pardoned. 

So sorry, Obama and Mueller. But you can take comfort in the fact that you pretty much bankrupted them and completely destroyed their reputations. So all is not lost.

Michael Flynn

Trump started giving the democrats the bird back in July when his former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, was pardoned from the BS charges and the set-up concocted by the Obama team.

Attorney Alex van der Zwaan

You may not know who this guy is but he had to spend 30 days in prison thanks to Mueller and friends who got him for “lying to the FBI” and deleting some emails.

Deleting emails? Hm… who deleted thousands of emails and destroyed servers and cell phones and had nothing happen to her whatsoever? Hm.. who could that possibly be???!

Yes, only Republicans and Trump-related associates get charged with crimes because the democrats are evil.

I really don’t know why anyone out there, democrat or otherwise, would actually be surprised by Trump pardoning ANYONE who was targeted because of him or anyone who was targeted by the corrupt Obama team and corrupt Mueller.

Yes, we can’t seem to put any of the corrupt democrats in jail, but Trump can at least help out the Trump associates and supporters that the democrats set up.

And perhaps, we should remind the whiny leftists of all of the un-deserving people, all of the political buddies, and all of the murderers and terrorists that Obama pardoned and let loose during his presidency.

But that’s perfectly fine, of course.

Anything that Obama and the democrats do, is perfectly fine.

Which is why I am glad that Trump has decided to flip them all the bird.

I hope there is more to come.