We used to laugh about the government taxing air someday or ordering us what we can do in our own homes. 

Well, we are there, folks. 

The fake man-made climate change BS that Al Gore got started is all about taxing “air” to close down businesses and control people and corporations – to phase out capitalism.

And now, because of the pandemic, we have seen what else the tyrannical government is capable of and it’s not pretty. 

Mandates, curfews, checkpoints, lockdowns…

The government thinks they have the right to tell you where you can go and what you can do in your own homes.

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They think they’re unstoppable and, why not… they have been for the most part.

California is one of the worse states there is in wielding their tyranny over their citizens.

With the emergency pandemic orders being enjoyed by local and state governments, these oppressors now think they have total control their citizens and they aren’t slowing down. 

The new plan in San Francisco is to ban smoking in apartments. Yes, your own home.

63 other cities and counties in California already have this ban in place.

Pot smokers are okay though – the San Francisco tyrants aren’t going to keep you away from your wacky weed.

The difference, they say, is that tobacco smokers can go out to the curb in a public space. Pot smokers don’t have that alternative under state law. 

And Dr. Donald Abrams, an oncologist, helped them explain their asinine new law by penning a letter to the San Francisco legislative body that they could share with the public. Abrahams said that secondhand cannabis smoke has not been proven to be harmful to humans.

Of course not. It’s a perfectly natural experience that couldn’t possibly harm anyone.

The measure to ban smoking in apartments, which passed 10-1, was obviously quite popular among the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (all pot smokers?) since it passed overwhelmingly.

The legislation needs to be voted on a second time and then the mayor can sign it into law. Fines would be $1,000 for each offense. But good news, you can’t be evicted over it.

And if you get a fine for smoking your ciggies, you can just score some pot and chill about it.