I seem to remember when New York City was under assault from the democratic BLM Antifa mob protesting the killing of George Floyd. 

In the beginning of the protests and in subsequent months, it was not unusual for these criminals to assault citizens and police, loot and set fires. 

Even now, burglaries are up, shootings are up and so are murders. That’s a result of passive and selective law enforcement over this pandemic and rioting year.

There has been plenty of crime and mayhem for the police to focus on but apparently the really important stuff is getting done now – and that’s shutting down any restaurants or bars who choose to keep their businesses open in defiance of the governmental COVID-19 pandemic orders.

New York City police officers actually spent their time recently going into a NYC bar as plainclothes officers to do a sting. They ordered food and drinks at Mac’s Public House on Staten Island.

They arrested Danny Presti, one of the owners of the bar, because his business was in Cuomo’s “orange zone” of spiking COVID-19 rates and he wasn’t supposed to be providing food and drinks to patrons inside of his bar.

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Can you imagine a business owner having the nerve to sell food and beverages in their own bar? 

Oh, the horror!

Presti also has a sign on his building that says his bar is an “autonomous zone” and that he refuses to abide by any rules and regulations put forth by the Mayor of NYC and Governor of NY.

Basically, he made himself a target of the NY tyrants and they sent the gestapo over to make an example out of him.

Funny, but I don’t remember the police organizing in this type of manner to look at the surveillance cameras and to set up stings to go after the democratic AntifaBLM terrorists who committed REAL crimes.

Not important enough, I guess.

No, the really really really serious law enforcement time needs to be spent on bars and restaurants who defy the mayor and governor’s lockdown orders.

Silly Presti. He should have known that autonomous zones are only reserved for democratic AntifaBLM terrorists. No other groups are allowed to “take over” cities or properties – not even their own.

And that’s exactly what Presti was given a ticket for, among other things – trespassing. 

On his own property. 

The bar has been fined thousands of dollars because they are serving patrons inside of the bar – and – GULP! – they even do it after the 10 pm curfew.


Are we still living in America?


But we still have patriots. About 2,000 of them showed up to the bar Wednesday night for a rally/peaceful protest to support the bar and the owners. They had signs, American flags and Trump flags.

And unlike the AntifaBLM criminals, these supporters didn’t break anything, start any fires or loot. They also cleaned up after themselves when they left.

God bless America.

Even in the middle of oppression and democratic rule, freedom fighters still exist.