Actress and Game Show Host Elizabeth Banks, net worth about $50 million, who lives behind a gated mansion, is all upset that people are able to protect themselves from murderers by defending themselves under Stand Your Ground Laws.

She says it’s BS because it grants us permission to kill people. Yes, it DOES, Elizabeth. We actually can protect ourselves, without fear of prosecution, when people try to kill us.

What a concept. 

Most people would try to protect themselves anyway if they had a gun nearby, but in more than half of the states, the law is actually on our side and that upsets this poor little princess.

Banks compared the Stand Your Ground law to a game of hide and seek when she was younger in her mentally unhinged rant on Twitter. She thinks people are going to be shot chasing dogs and frisbees if they end up in the wrong yard.

Apparently, she doesn’t understand the actual law which says that force can be used if we are under attack and need to save our life from rapists, robbers, kidnappers or murderers. We can defend ourselves instead of running away to play hide and seek which will most likely end in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid more violence and possible death. 

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Unfortunately for us peasants who are losing more and more police officers every day and putting up with more and more criminals on the streets thanks to the leftist democrats and their lawless prosecutors, we are in a position now where we have to, more than ever, defend ourselves from the criminals. 

But luckily, for a majority of us, there are Stand Your Ground Laws in 27 states, including my home state of Michigan where we have no duty to retreat if threatened unlawfully by another person no matter where we are. We can use deadly force to prevent imminent death, a sexual assault to ourselves or another person or to protect ourselves or another person from great bodily harm.

We also have a “castle doctrine” law in Michigan which allows us to use deadly force against another person who has broken into our home.

And the leftists, who pretend to be concerned about minorities, don’t seem to care that these Stand Your Ground laws have shown to benefit blacks more than whites. In John Lott’s book “The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies” he explains this and says that blacks are often “disproportionately affected by rules that make self-defense more difficult.”

Back in fantasyland…celebrities continue to be total hypocritical when it comes to guns and protection when if affects their own safety. 

How many times have we seen these elitist celebrities with big burly bodyguards walking around with guns to protect these precious millionaires? They even take their gun-toting bodyguards to anti-NRA and anti-gun protests. How comical. 

But we forget how special these people are. They fly on planes while complaining about global warming. They protest about guns while being protected by them. They are unserious and fake people. They became actors because they are frauds and have a lack of self-esteem. They need constant praise and attention to live their lives. And they think it gives them a platform to lecture the rest of us who live in the real world.

Banks, an elitist, who lives behind a big gate says, “I don’t want to live in a world where we fear our neighbors so much that we can freely lose a ball/dog/frisbee or cut through someone’s yard to avoid harassment – all things I have done.”

Really, Elizabeth? As Ronald Reagan once said, “Tear down this wall!”