So what are President-Reject Biden’s list of qualifications to be in his cabinet? Well, so far, things are running on three tracks. 

There’s the affirmative action program track where Biden picks a female or a minority to make the progressives happy and so no one can complain about his picks no matter how horrible they are.

The second track to make the cut is being an Obama alumni. In order to rule the world and keep up the coup, the fraud and the crimes that the democrats have been heavily involved with for the past dozen years or so, you gotta be on the inside and Biden’s making sure the Obama folks will be embedded in the government once again. 

The democratic mobsters have to be able to continue their mob ways and protect themselves from any past dirty deeds. Tyranny, pay-to-play, treason and oppression of the folks is on the agenda again for the next four years – and after they steal the Georgia election, then they are off to infinity and beyond.

And last but not least, Biden appreciates the high profile dems who are good at marketing themselves, good at going after Trump and also aren’t afraid to oppress the people with lawless and unconstitutional pandemic edits. 

So that makes Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo the perfect candidate for the job of Attorney General. 

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Cuomo could care less about the law and the Constitution. He doesn’t care if you want to go to church, eat at a restaurant, keep your job, keep your business open, keep your guns, or are trying to survive in your nursing home.

Cuomo is the King and his rules will be followed – or else. And he’ll go on TV everyday to remind you that he is the King.

Threats, intimidation and selective law enforcement. That’s a pretty good background to be an Attorney General and Cuomo has the goods.

Cuomo knows how to be head mobster just like Eric Holder did. 

We will have the lawless running the law again.

The position is a democratic dream job – one in which they can spend all of their time going after their political enemies and they will have plenty of republicans on their list. They will also have all the resources of the intelligence agencies and their good old spying apparatus still in place.

So get ready for Obama 3.0 with Harris as the front-woman by the spring or summer of 2021 and plenty of lawless and corrupt democrats to help Harris and Obama destroy the country.

Females everywhere should really rejoice. 

Harris is proof that, yes, you really CAN sleep your way to the top.