It’s hard to figure out if government officials are ignorant or just liars. 

Of course, that has been the same question that I’ve had about politicians for years and years – are they ignorant, liars – or both?

They continue to tell us, during this pandemic, with no evidence, how and where we’re all getting the Coronavirus and what we need to do to protect ourselves. None of which has seemed to do any good.

In Michigan, they’ve banned dining in at restaurants. Why? Because a whopping 4.4% of the outbreaks that have been identified were “traced” to restaurants. It’s asinine. But asinine is what the government does best.

And what does “traced to restaurants” even mean? It means nothing other than someone was at the restaurant. Someone who later ended up getting infected with the virus. Most people will never know how they got infected by COVID-19 or where. There is pretty much no way to prove it unless you’ve extremely isolated.

But El Paso Mayor Dee Margo is a genius and he knows that the people in his city are getting infected by shopping at large retail stores. He comes by this genius knowledge by getting statistics that 55% of the positives were “coming” from shopping at large retailers.

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No, Mr. Margo… All you have proven is that 55% of the people infected have shopped at these stores. 

You have NO science or data to prove where these people actually got the virus. 

What Margo is talking about is a STATISTIC that he is using to pretend that he knows where the virus is hiding and infecting people from – the cause. Sorry, but there has to be actual scientific data to prove that theory and the governments do not have that information or any way to get it.

Governments are just pretending to know what’s going on so that they can make a rules and make everyone feel better. It allows them to appear competent and on top of things. They are not.

I bet that 92% of the people who got COVID-19 in El Paso have been wearing white underwear. Does wearing white underwear lead people to get the virus? No.

I bet that a high number of infected people drive Fords. I bet that a high number of infected people are right-handed. I bet that a high number of infected people like pizza and have eaten a piece sometime in November.

Those are STATISTICS – not causes of getting the virus.

And with an entire country full of health departments that are NOT counting COVID-19 exposure sites we go to every day just because we are not there for more than 15 minutes (banks, pharmacies, gas stations), the governments really have NO IDEA what they are doing and no leg to stand on when they tell us where the virus attacking us from.

So…in using the logic and common sense that is coming out of current governments, I decree, as the Health Czar of Gruberland, that you must quarantine yourself for 14 days if you wear white underwear, are right handed and if you eat pizza.