I hate to be Debbie Downer but my the question that I have had since the presidential election remains the same…

How do we intend to keep the Senate when the voter fraud in Georgia continues? 

The GOP is pretty much AWOL on this. Voter fraud seems to be acceptable to everyone except the president, his attorneys and Trump supporters.

It seems like the Republican’s plan to keep the Senate is a strategy of crossing their fingers and hoping for the best.

Meanwhile, democrats continue their voter fraud strategy unabated.

In Georgia, in the upcoming runoff Senate races (which was a result of voter fraud to begin with), the democrats are still counting on cheating so that they win the Senate.

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The democrats are still going to flood the system with mail-in ballots, they’re still going to ignore signature checks on absentee ballots, they’re still using easily hackable BMD voting machines where democrats can change votes easily and there is no “real” paper ballot backup, they will still keep Republican poll watchers away from the vote counting, they’ll still double count Biden ballots and throw away Trump ballots…and they will employ a new tactic of having democrats “move” to Georgina for a while so they can vote.

Stolen election Part 2.

Why do I know this will happen with absolute certainty? Because it happened all over the country during the presidential election. No one was able to stop the democrats from doing it and nothing has changed since then.

Who exactly is going to stop them now? 

Is a police officer going to show up in the precincts to enforce the law? No.

Short of handcuffing the democrat poll workers and dragging them out of the building, there is nothing to stop them from doing anything – even in plain sight. And they know it.

Frustrated attorney, Lin Wood, who is involved in voter fraud lawsuits, sees the writing on the wall too. He tweeted over the weekend, “Same voting machines, same mail ballots, same fruit. November 3 fraud will be repeated in run-off.”

He’s absolutely right.

With control of the Senate up for grabs, the democrats are all-in, gearing up to steal the Senate through Georgia and there are no roadblocks for their plans except for attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood who have so far got a judge to block democrat plans to wipe (reset) the voting machines in Georgia in order to have a forensic inspection.

That order is, of course, only good for the machines that haven’t already been wiped or altered. I tend to think the democrats have already gotten rid of any damning evidence.