Facebook cares about people. Certain people. 

They care about Democrats. 

This we already know.

Who they DON’T care about specifically are white people, men and Americans. These are the groups that Facebook will allow to be targets on their social media platform because the company has better things to do than to deal with hate speech against them.

According to a story in the Washington Post, if you post hate speech against white people, Facebook just isn’t going to care as much anymore and have changed their algorithms to reflect this new thinking.

Facebook has decided that some hate speech is worse than others and they have programmed their software in order to be the judge and jury in deciding what bad behavior consists of.

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If someone posts “gay people are disgusting” then Facebook will be right on it and the comment will most likely get deleted asap. That kind of post will get a higher priority than a post that says “men are pigs.” In fact, the post about men being pigs might not get deleted at all.

It’s all about how you view the world and the liberals have always thought they are the best, most loving and moral people on the planet and they have always been the ones, while claiming to be tolerant, are actually the least tolerant ones. 

So Zuckerberg and his Facebook Nazis will be letting you know what kind of hate speech is important and what comments are intolerable.

Liberals, and Facebook specifically, have never really been into any kind of equality of treatment as we have learned over the years watching them as they do their best to censor republicans and conservatives.

An even playing field is not their goal and neither is equal treatment of everyone. Liberals have always wanted DIFFERENT treatment for their protected groups – they want “special” treatment.

Just Imagine it…Facebook actually came up with a computer program for intentional prejudice!

And the fake news media isn’t in an uproar about it.

No surprise there.

So no longer will a post that says “white people are stupid” be treated with the same distain and policy deletion as a racist slur because denigrating white people just isn’t a big deal.

Color of Change, a partner of the terrorist group Black Lives Matter, has been pushing Facebook to make these changes for a while and even organized an advertising boycott against Zuckerberg.

As stated earlier in the article, the prejudice that Facebook will be employing won’t just be towards white people. They are also targeting men and Americans in their non-policing of contemptuous comments.

It looks like the American white male patriot has a target on his back. 

But then, he always has had a target on his back by the leftists.

This is a person they have always disdained. 

The very people who, over the course of American history, have fought in the wars to protect us from communists like them.