The Democrat Party is less a political party than a grievance society. They’ve put together a bunch of street hustlers, professional victims, and Bolsheviks who are still upset over a slight in the second grade. But as this was cobbled together like a cheap card table they made their tent too big. Now its internal stresses could eventually fold the thing down to a broken heap on the floor.

Take the incoming Biden administration’s intention to rejoin gullible nations supporting the Iranian nuclear deal. One problem. Gays. In Iran they murder gays, by throwing them off roofs and other medieval tortures, but in this country the Democrat Party embraces them. Fine for the Democrats. But then how do you tell your gay supporters you trust, with a nuclear question, a regime that murders gays just for being gay? Does this practice engender confidence in the regime? What was the attitude of the people who now support the Iranian nuclear deal to the former apartheid regime in South Africa? Did they oppose it on moral grounds? Likely. But the morals of the mad mullahs of Tehran are fine with them?

To dig deeper on this particular subject, let’s flip the coin to feminism and transgender types. Those individuals, as sad and deranged as they are, are the T in LGBT, right? I never know, as they seem to add a letter every other week. If you want to live your life, within reason, as you see fit and go around dressing like the other sex and calling yourself by a pronoun of the week, fine. Your call. It’s kinda sorta maybe still a free country. But if you’re asking others to take part in your masquerade? Uh, no. Your rights don’t extend to being able to trample on mine. Which brings us to the feminists.

The entire transgender movement seeks to redefine gender as a social construct, thus bypassing the biological imperative of calling a woman a woman. But, if there is no real solid definition of gender, as you can change your gender at will, then how does a supposedly pro-female ideology like feminism exist, as females as a separate gender do not exist? No gender, no females, right?

Conservative social writer Elizabeth Fortunato offers details per the party and an application of the dichotomy in sports, “Democrats make it hard to reconcile what is irreconcilable. Even in places where there is competition or need of comparison. A man cannot BE a woman or vice versa. It is absurd and surreal that we are telling a generation that men can fairly compete in a track and field event against women.” She is spot on. Thus the Democrat gender scam continues, as do the dichotomies. Will many notice and/or do something about it? Nahhhh…