We already know that the Obama administration participated in a coup against President Trump and pretty much went after him from the moment he came down the escalator to run for president.

In learning about the fake Russia hoax the democrats set up, we also learned how very devious and treasonous Clinton, Obama and their friends were.

They used our intelligence agencies and friends in foreign governments to go after Trump and other republicans in order to get back their political power, control and cushy deals to continue to live their lives of luxury.

In order to go after Trump, they had to come up with the fake “Russia hacked the DNC” story to kick things off in the media.

The DNC “hired” CrowdStrike to look at the DNC servers in 2016 (instead of turning them over to the FBI) and even though CrowdStrike said publicly that the Russians had hacked the DNC server, they never had any proof whatsoever when it came down to evidence and the testimony they gave. 

The information that CrowdStrike turned over to Robert Mueller showed that they were lying when they said they had proof that the Russians did the hacking.

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And now it appears that the democrats are likely the ones who gave the DNC emails to Wikileaks which makes perfect sense because if the Russians didn’t hack the DNC, then it was most likely an inside job. And it was most likely another democratic scam.

In a recent declassified FBI text, Jenny Boon, who oversaw the fraudulent Carter Page investigation, was texting someone about the Wikileaks email dump and this is what was revealed in the text messages…

Boon asks, “the hack of the dnc server?”

The other person responds, “yes maam”

Boon: figured

Person #2: the release of emails on wiki

Boon: which release? there were a couple recently

Person #2: so on friday there was a bunch of dnc emails posted on wikileaks, that was our guys

Boon: got it

Our guys. That doesn’t sound suspicious at all from a bunch of corrupt people who were spending their days and nights coming up with one scam after another to get rid of Trump and keep their power.

Although the phrase “our guys” doesn’t definitively point to a specific group of people or individuals, talk show host Dan Bongino went through the suspect options on his December 4th podcast.

Bongino said “our guys” could actually mean the target of their investigation, a Russian hacker or someone else, but in looking at evidence, that is not what the evidence points to. 

Bongino said that if Crowdstrike had no evidence about the Russians hacking the DNC, then “our guys” would not be referencing them as the culprits because no one told the FBI that the Russians actually hacked the servers.

Don’t worry though. I’m sure someone will get to the bottom of this and someone will be held accountable.