There are a LOT of things that Joe Biden seems to need for Christmas this year and here is an abbreviated list.


In listening to many of the things that Biden talks about doing f he becomes President, I think that he needs to take a look-see at the Constitution. Instead of having him skim over it on the internet, I think we should send him a pocket Constitution so he has it at his fingertips whenever his crazy leftist friends try to talk him into anything.


Look out, Joe. Kamala and the leftists are right behind you. Will you get pushed off a cliff? Will they get your dogs to make you fall down the steps? Will the democrats finally investigate your corrupt ties to China so that they can impeach you?

If Joe makes it into the Oval Office, he won’t be there long. Kamala and Obama are strategizing now how to give Old Joe the boot. Keep your head on a swivel, Mr. Biden. The long knives will be out soon.

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Why is Joe having his dogs rip apart a Trump doll? Trump is not Joe’s enemy. Kamala is. Joe needs a Kamala Harris doll for his dogs to destroy. Joe’s dream of being President, if achieved, will end up as being one of the shortest White House visits in history and he will want lots of Kamala dolls that his dogs can tear into.


Joe is going to need a respite from the constant ordering around and nagging from AOC, Pelosi and Schumer. An ejection seat could be just what Biden needs and for a mere $12,500 paid to Boeing, it seems like the perfect holiday gift for his adventures in 2021.


One of the easiest ways to take out Joe and install Kamala as president would be to give Old Joe the coronavirus. He’s in a bad demographic to get the virus and even though he would have superb medical care, the dems would probably have a 50-50 chance of taking him down this way all quite “innocently.” Joe’s COVID-19 Detector gift box also needs to contain some Zinc, Vitamin D, Remdesivir and a Regeneron cocktail.


Dementia Joe never seems to know where he is or where he is going without his caregiver Jill leading him around. Just in case Jill has to leave his side to go to the bathroom or take a phone call, Joe is going to need a map of the White House so he can find the Oval Office and his bedroom.