The fact that most states in the country have certified their elections with lawsuits pending and affidavits signed about voter fraud, is truly disgusting.

The voter fraud that went on in the 2020 presidential election is overwhelming and came from many fronts – digital fraud and good ole fashion fraud by democratic poll workers. 

Illegality by the states also came into play, changing laws to help Biden win. States didn’t follow their own Constitution and laws. It was all hands on deck to steal the election from Trump and cowardly republicans haven’t been much help either.

I suppose we should have realized that the fix is always in for the democrats. 

We should have figured this out when Crooked Hillary got away with her email scandal, getting rid of evidence in the crimes she committed, taking bribes through her Foundation and buying the fake dossier.

No consequences.

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Then the Obama administration spied on Trump and ran a coup against him, using domestic intelligence agencies and foreign assistance. He also ran a gun-running operation, used the IRS against political enemies and much more.

No consequences.

So that’s a little voter fraud?

Who’s gonna stop it from happening?

No one.

Not one f-ing person. Not one republican, democrat, independent, frog or amoeba.

Sure, Trump’s lawyers and other patriots are certainly trying and I haven’t given up all hope yet but we are the underdog. Truth, the law and the Constitution are the underdogs in this fight.

The democratic mob has set their sites on a coup – they have for four years. They’re not going to give in no matter what.

As we all sit here hoping for a miracle and watching massive voter fraud being explained in front of eyes, we also understand that this is bigger than Trump. This is something that needs to get fixed in order for our country to survive as a republic.

The cherry on top of the voter fraud sundae (and the voter fraud proof that the democrats pretend doesn’t exist) is when we heard that Ware County in Georgia ran an equal number of Trump and Biden votes through their Dominion tabulator and it reported a 26% lead for Biden.

That’s all we need to know right there that the democrats weighted the ballots so Joe would win. That alone should disallow any kind of vote certification in Georgia, not to mention the other states that use the machines. But no, the states are fine with fraud happening in their voting precincts. The votes were certified regardless of what the democrats did to steal the election.

So the voter fraud will march on and the electors will most likely vote for Biden because the mobsters always control things until the good people are willing to play the same game and beat them at it.

It’s possible that we will win with truth as our sword, but it’s a long shot considering that the democrats have guns, bombs and nuclear weapons on their side to use against us.