So a hateful liberal with a sad life decided that they didn’t like their neighbor’s Christmas lights.

This pathetic and disturbed person wrote to their neighbor, Kim Hunt, in St. Anthony, Minnesota about their low key holiday display. The letter, among other things, said that the twinkling and colorful lights are a reminder of the divisions in the country. 


The hateful liberal said the lights are “a reminder of systemic biases against our neighbors who don’t celebrate Christmas or who can’t afford to put up lights of their own.”

This person, who obviously is in desperate need of a psychiatrist, got much better treatment from Hunt than she have from me. 

I would have immediately put up a big “F-U” in lights and roamed the neighborhood to figure out who the psycho was and shamed her publicly on Facebook.

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But that’s just me.

Hunt said that she was surprised, shocked and saddened by the letter.


I would have gone straight to being “pissed off” and stayed here. No sadness involved.

This anti-Christmas nut job sent letters to three other neighbors too.

Hunt is only doing what many people are doing across the country – trying to brighten the world for themselves and others during a pandemic. 

Just in my own little city, I’ve notice quite an increase in Christmas decorations compared to other years. Everyone is doing what they can to pull Christmas out of the crapper.

And store receipts back me up. Christmas decorations are in short supply in some places and Americans are buying more lights this year than ever before. Sales of Christmas lights are up 20% this year.

But I was thinking about it. I think Evil Liberal Minnesota Woman has a point. There ARE a lot of people who can’t afford things this year – so I have some advice for her.

I want her clothes. I want her food. I want her blankets. I want her TV. I want her phone. 

There are many things in her house that others don’t have – especially homeless people. Why does she get clothes privilege? Or food privilege? Why is she so special? She needs to give away everything that she has to the have-nots.

Evil Liberal Minnesota Woman is really the epitome of the perfect liberal. 

Judgmental, unaccepting and a bully.

Merry Christmas Evil Liberal Minnesota Woman. Give me your clothes.