Former President George W. Bush was silent during the whole eight years when Obama was president. Bush said nothing the whole time that Obama was inflicting destruction on our country.

And there is no doubt that Bush has TDS because of how Trump treated his brother Jeb during the 2016 primary. Jeb, after all, was the heir apparent to be president in 2016.

But George is speaking out NOW giving his congratulations his buddy, Joe Biden even though he hasn’t actually won the election yet. 

The “outcome is clear,” Bush said. 

Actually it’s not.

Bush was obviously watching CNN all weekend.

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Perhaps Mr. Bush has forgotten the whole Bush/Gore thing and hanging chads. I don’t think he should be congratulating anyone until the election is actually over after all recounts and litigation. He should know that better than anyone else.

But hey, TDS is a strong thing. Sometimes you’ve just gotta go with what your heart tells you to do.

Telling people, as Bush did recently, that our election was fundamentally fair with integrity is quite a joke and at the very least it should be a statement that is held back until investigations and court cases have taken place.

Bush has no proof that we had a fair election and, in fact, we have plenty of corroboration of voter fraud on the other side that it WASN’T fair.

Bush is also telling us to unite with Biden and the democrats – united with people who want to kill babies born alive, take away our rights, get rid of fossil fuel, make deals with Iran and China, pack the courts and destroy the economy with tax increases.

No thanks, George. 

This chump will take a pass on that.