I’ve never met a “democrat” ran charity that was above board.

For many of them, the “injustice” they are fighting for is usually made up or based on a lie. 

And then even if it’s a legitimate cause, the people in charge are corrupt narcissists and frauds who are using an opportunity to make money for themselves and their friends. Their goal is actually to benefit from the charity.

I’m sure that you are thinking about a prime example of one of these fake organizations that is called “The Clinton Foundation.” Hillary and Bill perfected the process of enriching themselves through fraud by pretending to have a charitable foundation that was really a front for getting lots and lots of money by trading access and promises to individuals and countries alike.

The Times Up Movement is apparently another fake organization pretending to help people. It was started by Hollywood celebrities (never a good thing) to fight sexual harassment in the workplace, mostly in response to the Harvey Weinstein story. 

Instead of actually exposing him over the years, Hollywood helped propel his influence because he was good for the industry and good for the democratic politicians too with his donation money. 

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He was useful until he wasn’t and then this fake movement was started. 

The Me Too Movement went after everyone who was accused of sexual harassment, rightly so or not. The organization had to ride the popular PR of the day and not miss any opportunities to get their movement out there in front of the masses.

 They didn’t really care if the accusation was accurate or false. They just wanted the accusation out there to make sure everyone saw how serious and prevalent the issue was so that people would donate to the cause.

But like many of the fraudulent democratic charities, this group didn’t actually solve the problem they complained about and they didn’t use most of the the money they received to help the “victims” that they said they represented.

The Daily Mail reports that even though the Times’ Up organization raised over $3.5 million in 2018 (it’s first year of being in operation), only about $312,000 of that money was used to help victims.

This lovely celebrity-founded organization decided that it was more important to use donor money on salaries, luxury retreats and advertising. 

Less than 10% was spent to help women who were sexually harassed at work, making their mission statement a joke. Their mission says, “to promote safe, fair and dignified work for women of all kinds. We work to make sure that women are free from harassment and other forms of discrimination on the job, have equal opportunity for economic security and can achieve the highest positions of power wherever they work.’

All talk and little action.

So the women who were actually harassed were victimized again because Times Up preferred to spend their money on things like an excessive CEO salary of $342,308.

I think that time is up for Times Up now that they’ve been exposed to be charlatans.