Obama had an utterly laughable interview on 60 Minutes over the weekend. 

The man who used our intelligence agencies to start a coup against President Trump thinks he’s got the latest stolen election coup in the bag and feels liberated to run his mouth. 

Mr. Liar-Liar-Pants-on-Fire used the interview to try to frame Trump as the one who is an out-of-control dictator but we know better.

Everything that Obama says about Trump is actually true about Obama.

And He knows that WE know that…so it’s enjoyable to him to mess with us.

This narcissistic self-appointed world leader is giddy with the prospect that Kamala will be the president soon and the democrats will be able to implement the largest communist agenda ever ran through the United States (not to mention all the money they’re going to steal from taxpayers and “donations” to their cause.)

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Since Obama has gotten away with all of his crimes, and receives no push back from the media, he is free to deceitfully blabber on about Trump when he’s really talking about himself and all he’s been able to get away with.

It was obvious that he enjoyed the interview, rubbing it in the face of Trump and his supporters that he’s been able to actually be treasonous against our country and nothing happened to him and his buddies. Nothing. Not a scratch. Not a broken fingernail.

In the 60 Minutes interview where Obama figuratively gives us the bird, he said, “I think that there has been this sense over the last several years that literally anything goes and is justified in order to get power. And that’s not unique to the United States. There are strong men and dictators around the world who think that I can do anything to stay in power. I can kill people. I can throw them in jail. I can run phony elections. I can suppress journalists. But that’s not who we’re supposed to be. And one of the signals I think that Joe Biden needs to send to the world is that no, those values that we preached, and we believed in, and subscribed in, we still believe.”

I could barely stifle an incredulous and disgusted laugh after hearing that drivel.

Yes, Obama. We get it. With democrats, anything goes.

With democrats, everything is justified to get power.

With democrats, you can run phony elections.

We get it.

We know what you did – and what you’re willing to do in the future.

The signal is clear. You can do whatever you want with impunity.

But that doesn’t mean that we won’t keep fighting you – because you don’t let evil win without a fight.

The Breitbart article about what Obama said above received a massive 11,965 comments and they weren’t complimentary.

One post said, “Obama’s statement is ironic coming form a member of the party that abused the powers of government for four years to try to overturn a valid Presidential election.”

Another comment said, “I guess now the failed dictator Obama feels safe to come out of hiding.”

That’s the truth.

The winner of the hypocrite-of-the-year award also couldn’t stop himself from lecturing the GOP and saying that they’re delegitimizing the Biden administration and democracy by going along with Trump’s refusal to concede the election.

This comes from the leader of the deep state who spent the last four years doing nothing BUT delegitimizing President Trump.

I wonder if Biden has room in his basement for a friend – because that’s were Obama needs to go.