If you’re an elderly nursing home resident in America, watch the heck out. You have a target on your back and the democrats are gunning for you.

Early in the year, the democrats went after our aged population by killing them with COVID-19. Democratic governors in Michigan and New York sent COVID-19 patients to nursing homes, killing thousands of residents (and staff).

New York Governor Cuomo is still not sharing the actual numbers of nursing home deaths from COVID-19 with the public. Currently, the death count for nursing home residents in New York stands at 6,700 but those are just the people who died inside of the actual nursing home, not ones who died after going to hospitals.

Democrats don’t seem to value the lives of the elderly.

Have we forgotten the Townhall where Obama told the woman that her 100-year-old mother could just “take a pill” in her old age instead of getting a pacemaker? There was no consideration by Obama of the mother’s spirit, joy or quality of life.

I still can’t believe he got elected after that. But I digress…

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Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, ex-Obama Health Advisor, is now one of the “experts” on Joe Biden’s “Coronavirus Task Force” and like Cuomo and Obama, he doesn’t value old people either.

He’s decided that at a certain point, you are basically becoming a nuisance. 75-years-old seems to be his cut-off point.

So I’m wondering…does that mean he thinks that Joe Biden should be euthanized? 

Enquiring minds want to know.

Old Dementia Joe is 77 years old, after all. He’s up there in years past the relevancy of Emanuel.

What about Nancy Pelosi? She’s 80 for God’s sake! 

And what about Danny DeVito, Steve Martin, Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton, Henry Winkler, Bob Seger, Van Morrison, and Tom Selleck? They are all 75-years old.

Do Magnum P.I. or The Fonz still have anything to contribute to the world or should we let them fade into dust by withholding medicine from them? According to Emmanuel, they shouldn’t be taking up space on the earth.

Emanuel published an article in 2014 in the Atlantic that’s titled “Why I Hope to Die at 75” although quite frankly, I expect him to change his mind when he’s about 74 years and 11 months old.

He says that older Americans live too long in a diminished state, raising the question of “whether our consumption is worth our contribution.”

He said that he will refuse heroic medical intervention, antibiotics and vaccinations when he turns 75.

This is the man who has the ear of Joe Biden. 

So if you’re in a nursing home, don’t necessarily expect old Dementia Joe to make sure you get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Making America great again is not on the democrat to-do list.

They really don’t value the elderly at all unless they can steal their votes.

Yes, it looks like, in addition to the many other corrupt voter fraud strategies they came up with, the democrats also stole votes from the elderly.

Senator Lindsay Graham has found out about a possible ballot harvesting operation having to do with Pennsylvania nursing homes. There are about 25,000 cases being looked at. 

25,000 residents in different nursing homes seem to have all requested mail-in ballots at the same time. 

Pennsylvania has 700 nursing facilities and 1200 “personal care homes.”

These old folks are an easy target for democrats. 

Some of the folks who were lucky enough to survive the pandemic weren’t able to get the chance to vote because the democrats did it for them.

If the democrats don’t want the elderly to vote – or to live – why does anyone think that they will care enough to do what’s best for them with Social Security or Medicare?

Dear old geezers…watch your back. 

The democrats are coming.