Democratic Michigan Governor and her cohorts in crime, the Health Department, continue to keep parts of the state on lockdown void of any common sense, data and science.

They have decided to close all dine-in service for restaurants and bars for three weeks in SPITE of the real data and science that shows only 4.4% of the coronavirus outbreaks are attributed to them.

I am sure there are FAR MORE outbreaks coming from gas stations and pharmacies but the health departments aren’t counting those because we don’t stay at these locations 15 minutes or more.

The MDHHS Director Robert Gordon said that “indoor gatherings are the greatest source of spread, and sharply limiting them is our focus.”

It’s their focus. Regardless of actual restaurant statistics.

The restaurants were already having enough problems from the previous shut downs. Approximately 2,000 restaurants in Michigan have closed permanently due to Whitmer’s aggressive restaurant lockdown agenda with 6,000 more projected to permanent close by the spring if the lockdown continues with no federal stimulus help.

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It will be winter soon. We won’t be able to eat outside and many people aren’t going to want to brave the winter winds for curbside service. Michigan restaurants are going to have a real uphill climb if they want to survive.

And we all know that three weeks ain’t gonna be the end of the restaurant lockdown with Mrs. Death-by-a-Thousand Cuts Whitmer who always does her lockdown orders for a few weeks at a time so it doesn’t sound so bad. Many critics are sure that she won’t “allow” restaurants to reopen on December 8th.

The holiday season is possibly when some of these restaurants hoped to catch up on what looked like impending bankruptcy and closure – but things don’t look very jolly and bright right now. 

The Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association (MRLA) and a pair of restaurant and hospitality businesses has had enough and they have decided to sue.Federal Judge, Paul Maloney, on Friday ruled against a motion for a temporary restraining order by them (of course he did). Another hearing is scheduled for November 30th.

Maloney laughably said with no evidence, “Plaintiffs have not demonstrated that the (order’s) burden on interstate commerce is excessive when balanced against the purported in-state benefits.”

Who’s he trying to kid?

The MRLA released a statement that said, “We are profoundly disappointed by (Gordon’s) decision to shutter restaurants for a second time this year – this time with no safety net of federal stimulus dollars to soften the blow to already ailing operators and employees.”

The statement also says that about 40% of the restaurants will have to close during the three week period with 250,000 workers laid off.

The government is omnipotent now with super special COVID-19 powers that supersede every law and Constitution every written.

So we get no Happy Thanksgiving and probably no Christmas joy either from Whitmer. 

We only get the Grinch.