A lawsuit filed Sunday in Wayne County Michigan by The Great Lakes Justice Center alleges the just concluded election was neither free nor fair. The suit claims there was a several week’s long effort to impact the outcome of the election in favor of Joe Biden and the Democrats to the detriment of President Donald Trump and without concern of Michigan’s voting laws.

The fraud was committed, the suit claims, at the behest of Detroit and Wayne County officials and included changing legal names and dates on ballots, ballot harvesting, voter intimidation and more. It also claims the effort to defraud voters began in early September.

Among those referenced in the suit is Jessy Jacob, a woman of color who has worked for the City of Detroit for more than 3 decades. In her sworn statement she outlines  a direct attack on the election by the illegal altering of possibly tens of thousands of ballots. She says she was ordered to participate in the illegal activity beginning in September and continuing through November 4th, when she was told to leave the TCF Center in Detroit for raising too many questions about what was going on around her.

In her sworn affidavit, Jacob says the illegalities went on for weeks beginning in September when she was working at the election headquarters and was ordered along with co-workers by her supervisors to unlawfully change dates to alter ballots, instruct voters to cast ballots to vote for Democrats and were even told to follow voters into the voting booth and tell them how to vote. Jacob says voters were told specifically by employees to Vote straight Democrat or for Joe Biden. Jacob says she was among a group of 70 to 80 employees all being told to do the same thing by supervisors in Detroit.

In October, she was moved to a satellite location where she says she was instructed to disregard any identification for in-person voters, ignore any signature verifications or follow the requirement to collect absentee ballots sent to people who showed up to vote in person.

Jacobs says the supervisors also instructed everyone to input anyone who voted into the Qualified Voter File, an electronic system designed to keep track of legal voters. The QVF can be accessed by any election processor with proper credentials in Michigan at any time and from any location.

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Another witness, Zachary Larsen, a former Michigan Assistant Attorney General says the system was used to fraudulently assign names to otherwise unknown ballots. Thereby counting ballots for people who never appeared on legal voter rolls or actually voted themselves. Thereby creating votes artificially. This is something Larsen says he personally witnessed and said it was done this for the majority of absentee ballots.

On November 4th, the day after the election, Jacobs was transferred to the TCF Center where she was once again instructed to violate the law and ordered not to compare signatures and further was told to backdate any ballots to make sure they reflected arriving before November 3rd, even when that was not the case.

Jacobs is one of scores of people that have been sharing stories of what appears to be illegal ballot harvesting and voter manipulation in Detroit at Cobo Hall during vote counting efforts after Election Day.

Her sworn statements are part of a lawsuit filed Sunday against the City of Detroit, the Detroit Election Commission, The Clerk of the City of Detroit and others.

Other allegations include rampant partisan activities and irregular actions by officials from the city and county level.

The case was filed in Wayne County but it’s not expected to stay there for long as things are starting to move quickly.

The Great Lakes Justice Center who filed the suit on behalf of two plaintiffs, both of whom were poll challengers and are Wayne County residents who voted in the election.

The suit seeks a Temporary Injunction Order asking for an injunction to block certification of the election results in Wayne County, and also seeks a protective order to assure that all evidence is properly preserved.

The suit itself seeks to obtain an order to require an audit of the entire Wayne County election results or to void the election and order a new election be held in Michigan’s largest county. Another option is a recount of the county ballots.

David Kallman from GLJC says “if they cannot provide adequate proof of a fair election, we are seeking to have the election results voided.”

Read the entire complaint here