I am really incredulous with democrats who think we’ll have a country left with open borders and amnesty. 

You would think they would care about protecting their Social Security, Medicare and other “entitlements” that they are depending on. 

Entitlements that are going to be bulldozed when America has no borders and those who haven’t worked here all their lives (honestly) start accruing free stuff at the expense of the American citizens.

Americans will be standing in line in their own country for a hospital bed, a job, and a place in school for their child.

Everything will be rationed, subsidized and sub-standard. What you get, where you live, what you do – it’ll all be based on what the government is willing to give you and allow you to do.

And I guess democrats think that money will be printed endlessly and we’ll never have any kind of monetary crash no matter how many asinine policies they put in place. 

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Of course, those at the top, the politicians, aren’t worried because they have their scams in place and their money is hidden and spread about family members. They have insurance.

But the regular guy and gal will be screwed – as we always are.

Before the systems collapse entirely, the democrats will play with rationed health care and extended retirement ages. They’ll try to use some superglue and duct tape to hold things together as long as they can. But their fake society won’t last forever. When reality hits, it will hit hard and we will be thrown into becoming a third world country.

It’s only a matter of time if we are under democratic rule for too long.

In the beginning, the democrats tried to concentrate on DACA but now that they have figured out how to cheat and win elections indefinitely, they are going to go straight for the amnesty for illegals to get their votes and to start a new class of dependents.

According to the Daily Mail, House democrats are working on an amnesty bill for all 22 million illegals (we know there are many more) for the Harris/Biden administration to sign. But it won’t stop there because that kind of foolish behavior will encourage even more illegal immigration. And we know the democrats won’t be deporting anyone.

We’ll get illegals with COVID-19 and other diseases, sex traffickers, drug traffickers, criminals… 

All are welcome under the democratic plan. 

We will have no security of America under democratic rule – no physical security, financial security or anything else.

The America we have lived in, prospered in and enjoyed is the target of the democrats. 

Freedom, liberty, and justice is the target. We are the target.

The elitist politicians will be able to keep their slice of the good life but no one else will.