Looks like one of the first things on President-Unelect Joe Biden’s to-do list is to mandate that everyone in the country wears a mask. He’s already harassing states about it even though he hasn’t won one electoral vote yet.

He thinks he can get his democratic mayors and governors to force his will upon us if they aren’t already doing so. Not sure about his plans for the republicans who run states and cities. Riots perhaps?

Good luck to Joe Biden (and my lovely tyrant governor Gretchen Whitmer) if they thinks they will force me to wear anything. 

The only reason I wear a mask at all is because the stores require it and I need bread and milk.

I still live in America, whether Joe does or not, and there’s no way in H-E-double hockey sticks that he’s going to make me wear a mask, buy Bidencare health insurance or anything else on his communist dictator list.

So take your mask mandate, Dementia Joe, and Stick it Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine.

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If masks actually worked, the COVID-19 case infection rates would be going down. 

Pretty much everyone is wearing masks at this point anyway and cases are still going up. 

That’s called data and science. Proof. Evidence of failure.

The Harris/Biden administration also wants to hire 100,000 contract tracers to spy and track our every movement. 

Why do that when you can just install a microchip in my arm, Joe?

Get ready to live in the Communist States of America if President-unelect Joe, his sidekick Kommie and their democrat friends get to pollute The White House in January.