Because the media is hyping the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases, there are, of course, new talks about hoarding and purchase limits.

Will it be difficult to buy toilet paper, meat, wipes and other things again? Well, there probably wouldn’t be if the media wasn’t talking about it. 

Yes, I’m part of the problem too because I’m talking about it.

The reason hoarding happens is because the government scares everyone into thinking they’ll be stuck at home for weeks.

The HotAir website reports that grocery stores are putting limits on purchases again. 

With an anticipated third-wave of the pandemic in addition to cold and flu season, stores are re-imposing rules on what you are able to buy and this time the restrictions will include additional paper products and frozen foods.

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Even shortages on butter and spices have been reported. But Thanksgiving is coming, people! There are probably going to be shortages on cream of mushroom soup and pumpkin pie too. That’s why I shop a few weeks ahead. Get a clue.

The Kroger grocery store is putting limits on purchases of bath tissue, paper towels, hand soap and wipes.

The wipe thing really amazes me. I say this because I went to Menards at 7 am on Saturday to beat the crowds. It was me, three other shoppers and about 30 workers re-stocking shelves. I couldn’t go down an aisle without running into a display of wipes. 

They were everywhere.

Like ants at a picnic

Like democrats at a voting fraud seminar.

With talk from democratic governors and un-President Biden (my new name for him henceforth) about lockdowns, I am sure hoards of home prisoners will descend upon the stores to make sure they have nine packages of licorice, 22-packages of Skittles and three cases of Pepsi. 

Who knows what products will be locked down next so buy everything in bulk, right? 

You gotta be prepared.