There is no military reason for a draft right now. Our national security challenges can be handled with the forces we have at present. Though, that could change if and when Joe Biden enters the White House.

But is there a social reason for the draft? Have generations of males grown soft without the crucible of military service? A day before Veterans Day, this veteran wonders about it.

When I got to my first day of Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, in the fall of 1980, I was a snotty little frat boy. Though my family was then second generation military, we’re fourth generation now, I didn’t join out of patriotic fervor. I was bored at the University of Florida and wanted to see Europe. The Army was my vehicle to do such. Plus, as a history geek, intelligence work looked like fun.

After four years of active duty and several more of reserve duty, I had changed. I watched guys around me change. Lo and behold, we had grown up. Not that we were devoid of youthful amusement, but for years we were given challenges to overcome in training and in real world operations. Most of us acquitted ourselves honorably. Without the discipline and tenacity the military taught us, I’m not sure we, especially me, would have surmounted those challenges in uniform or in life. Thus, I think the training was very valuable.

But, an equal case can be made that there is no military need for it and since members of the armed forces sign up voluntarily, you get a better standard of recruit than you would from a draft. True.

However, is right or equitable that one class of society risks its life to protect another who won’t shoulder that responsibility?

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Putting aside for the moment the large issue of the clueless voyeurs of modern young manhood, why should middle class and poor kids mainly from the South put their lives on the line for effete soy boys who contribute nothing to national security, but benefit from the safety of it? Why should these effeminate parasites get a free ride? We speak only of males. A female draft would be out of the question.

And is it very smart for a republic in the long run to have a part of society able to cross a Rubicon at leisure? Who’s going to stop them, the wee lads at MSNBC?

On this Veterans Day, this and other questions on the military’s place in society and related issues should be discussed. Not just amongst veterans. But also amongst those who stand safe in their homes and lives because for hundreds of years to this very moment, some sacrificed so others could remain free.