The democrats think they can completely control your life and they’ve done a very good job at it over their years. They’ve controlled you with tax laws, legislation and regulations.

Want a toilet that actually flushes? Too bad.

Don’t want to buy health insurance because you are 20-years old and healthy? Too bad.

And now we have a pandemic which has been a godsend to tyrannical democrats. 

Governors have decided that they can come up with any rules they want, whether legal or constitutional.

And you WILL comply.

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Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an edict on Veterans Day that people in his state will not have more than ten people in their homes for Thanksgiving. Do you have 12? Too bad. Two of them can sit in their car or stay at home and eat pizza.

And then we have psycho democratic California governor Gavin Newsom who is reaching his long arm of government into your house for Thanksgiving, even into your bathroom.

King Newsom has decided that he has control over what happens in your homes and on your property. 

His Health Department’s latest “Guidance for Private Gatherings” needs to get your tax refund because they are now the head of your household.

Mandatory – yes, mandatory – rules include…

All gatherings must be held outside (must).

No more than three households per gathering.

Food and beverages must be in single-serve disposable containers or be served by a person who washes or sanitizes their hands frequently and wears a face coverings.

The funny part of all of this is that the government actually thinks it has any legal right to impose these rules.

So much for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

You need to check that at the door and get the Newsom handbook on daily living.

Oh, and Newsom has some additional recommendations as well…

They’ll allow you to use a restroom in the house or apartment – as long as the bathroom is frequently sanitized.

Gatherings should be two hours or less.

The host should collect names of all guests and get their contact information for contact tracing.

And how will these despot democratic governors enforce their orders? 

If a neighbor calls 911 because there are 11 people in an apartment and they’re not cleaning the bathrooms, will the police come a callin’?

Will law enforcement drag out the 11th person and put them in the pokey??? 

Will the Thanksgiving guest get to finish their dinner?

Now that government has decided that they have unlimited powers over us, I would like to give them some other ideas on mandates that I think that they have missed.

These mandates, based on the same science that the governors are using, are as follows…

One tablespoon of stuffing per person.

Gravy will not exceed the temperature of 165 degrees,

Cool Whip will be used in combination with all pies.

All Trump merchandise must be removed from the house and property.

Drapes are to be hung no lower than two feet and seven inches from the floor.

Only orange plastic silverware and plates are to be used for serving food.

No more than 2.5 people per room will be allowed when eating.

No singing, talking or yelling in the living room, kitchen or garage.

Coke, not Pepsi; Doritos, not Cheetos; Twinkies, not Ding Dongs.

CNN on every television.