The COVID-19 holiday police, mostly democrat governors, are on the march. They think they can tell us how many people we can have in our homes, what rooms we can go in, what light bulbs we can have in our lamps and what time to put the turkey in.

Every day we hear about another state using their overreaching pandemic emergency powers to trample over our rights.

So we sit in our house, depressed, because they are threatening to throw us in jail if the neighbors see too many cars parked in my driveway.

Meanwhile, more than 3 million people are flying in planes all over the country spreading the virus. 

Travel wasn’t shut down so there’s obviously no “emergency.” 

The only emergency happening is the government’s need to rule over us forever which they will do in a Harris/Biden administration.

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They’re hypocrisy and lack of consistency on their rules makes me sick. 

It’s fine for more than three million people to fly all over the country but I can’t have 11 people in my house.

It’s fine for politicians and government employees to jet off to Hawaii for a conference or have parties with friends without masks but us minions have a whole different set of rules.

So sorry, government. You can stick it if you think you can tell me what I can do in my own house.

I will have 27 people – or 99 people, two elephants, a goat and a golf cart in my house if I feel like it.

I’m the one paying the mortgage and the property taxes. 

I’m also the one who has a little thing on my side that you know nothing about called the U.S. Constitution and a promise in the Declaration of Independence of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So once again, stick it.

People aren’t listening to you anyway. There are all kinds of pockets of push back going on in the country, certain kinds of groups and communities meeting together secretly or in public defiance – groups that I won’t identify so that you don’t sent out your posse to arrest them. 

They resist your bullcrap every day.

And many are ignoring your Thanksgiving (and soon to be Christmas) rules. 

I have a 70-year-old friend who is deathly afraid of the virus but guess what? She’s having her two children and their families visit. 

Yes, that would be THREE households getting together in a Michigan home regardless of what the governor and health department have to say about it.

The horror!

You know why she’s doing this? Because her husband died this spring and she wants to spend time with her family so she’s not alone. 

No, let me re-phrase that. 

It’s because the governor KILLED her husband this year with her BS lockdown of medical facilities. 

Apparently brain surgery is an “elective” surgery and by the time her husband finally got the surgery, months after he needed it, he was not able to recover and died after a month in the hospital.

So the government can stick it. 

We all have our lives to live and things we have to do. 

It’s OUR life and our choice what we do everyday and the risks we’re willing to take. 

We do our best but it’s a virus. It’s going to spread. 


So if I didn’t already say so, the government can stick it.