Cuomo went out and looked like an idiot (again) when he barked that the police in New York don’t have a choice other than to enforce his tyrannical pandemic laws.

He’s upset that the Sheriffs are pushing back on him with the New York State Sheriff’s Association saying that they won’t enforce King Cuomo’s rule of only 10 people gathering per household.

Cuomo ranted about the police officers, “You don’t have a right to pick laws that you think you will enforce, and you don’t enforce laws that you don’t agree with. That’s not a law enforcement officer, that’s a dictator.”

Sorry, King Cuomo, but you would be wrong on that.

And if you want to know what a dictator is, look in the mirror.

Police officers make decisions every day on whether to arrest people based on their own discretion that they’ve learned along the way within their city, county or state departments.

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Police are always given leeway on making decisions about the people they are policing and the impact on the safety of the community.

Have you ALWAYS gotten a speeding ticket? No. 

Have you ALWAYS gotten a citation for your loose dog? No. 

Have you ALWAYS gotten hauled off to jail for fighting, smoking marijuana, blocking traffic, running a stop sign or marching in the streets? No.

And homeless people aren’t always arrested for sleeping in the streets. The police often take them to a church for a bowl of soup and a bed to sleep in.

And what about all of the democratic AntifaBLM rioters? Most of them weren’t arrested and they actually committed SERIOUS crimes like arson and larceny. 

Police decide every day on how to enforce malum prohibitum crimes in the context of what they are presented with. Malum prohibitum crimes are crimes that are wrong by statute as opposed to Malum in Se which is conduct that is evil in and of itself and clearly violates society’s standards for allowable conduct.

Cuomo might also want to take a gander at The Constitution. 

That’s what the police swear to uphold. 

And nowhere in it does the Constitution allow a Governor to be able to decide how many people we can have in our own homes.