I live in America. Or at least I do at the moment. 

If Biden wins, all bets are off.

But I don’t think people actually want to live in a country that resembles North Korea. 

We’ve already had enough of that for the past eight months as our governors, mayors and health departments have decided that they can rule over us and try to destroy our lives.

Some of us refuse to comply.

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Maybe it’s because we’ve been lied to from the beginning by our politicians, the media and the CDC about how to protect ourselves and how they’re counting the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths.

Living in a free country has always meant we have choices and we have always had risks. We always will.

But I remember getting some sort of promise about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness so I am going with that.

Yes, I wear a mask because the stores require it – and I stay away from people as much as possible but that’s because I really don’t like people anyway. I like dogs and cats. 

And yes, I wash my hands more than normal and try not to touch my face.

But I live my life and I have stopped reading all of the new governmental edicts that come from the state and local authorities. I just don’t care anymore.

I’ve been out living my life since the beginning of the pandemic. 

I’m sure there are people in our town who don’t consider my employer’s business an “essential business” but it’s essential to us and the customer that we serve.

When tyrannical democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer started locking down the state, I looked through the list of essential services and businesses including the list from Homeland Security. I found about three or four categories that my employer’s business qualified for.

So we had our list ready in a manila folder in case any police or health officers wanted to show up at the door. We also had a letter ready from a local Homeland Security office saying that we were essential to them getting work done. Our customer list includes local city and county governments, hospitals, attorneys and other essential services. We provided, and still provide, needed services and material to them to get through the pandemic.

We were actually the only business of our kind that was “open” in the city (besides ones that might have been working and sending things out their back door). 

I expected at least one of our competitors to call the Sheriff to try to shut us down but we never had any problems.

We lost a staff member for a few months because our business definitely slowed down. Another staff member was working sporadically for a while.

But three of us stayed at the business since the beginning of the pandemic, holding down the fort, because we wanted the company to stay open and we wanted to be there for our customers, the ones trying to save their businesses.

We need our jobs and we didn’t want our employer to go under.

It was a decision we all made. It was a risk we were willing to take.

Our bodies, our choice.

As life progressed, more and more procedures were put in place to keep everyone safe… we put up social distancing signs, offered curbside service, masks were worn and required of customers, pens were cleaned between customers, counters were sanitized and more.

Knock on wood, we’ve all been healthy since the beginning of the pandemic and our business has never been labeled as a “COVID-19 exposure site.”

My husband and I make decisions every day about where we want to shop and how often we go out and whether we wear gloves or use hand sanitizer and what restaurants we want to go to. 

We decide what people we hang out with and what kind of risks we’re willing to take to live our lives.

We got to meetings, we go to work, we go to high school football games…

This is a virus. It might never go away. 

People don’t understand that we might just have to learn to live with it, manage our risks and keep the most vulnerable people safe. 

We’ll work on vaccines and therapeutics the best we can and save as many people as possible. 

Are Americans really willing to be locked down for years and let the governments destroy their lives? How do you even have a life if you’re not able to pay your bills or be with your family and friends?

Those countries on lockdown are having no more success controlling the virus than those who aren’t on lockdown. The same goes for the mask mandates.

There is no proven solution to stop this virus no matter what the democrats complain about or promise.

We all have to decide on our own what we are willing to do every day based on where we live and our own circumstances.

Yes, people are still getting together for funerals, meetings, parties, weddings, holidays and church services. These things are happening out in the open and in secret. These events are important to people. They have decided they are willing to take risks for certain things. It’s their choice.

People want to be with their families. It will happen at Thanksgiving too – and Christmas. No matter how much the democrats yell about it.

Those who want to shame people for living their lives are free to stay home as long as they want and never be out in public with us. 

I know people who haven’t been out of their house more than about five times in the past eight months.  

Good for them. I am glad they have the resources to be able to do that. Maybe they are the smart ones and will be the only ones left alive after all of this.

But most people can’t do that. We have to go to our jobs and we need to send our kids to school.

We need to earn a living to pay our bills so we are not homeless. 

Sorry, democrats, but I’m not willing to stay home for months or for years and let you destroy the rest of my life because I MIGHT get the virus.

I might get it anyway. It’s a virus. Get a clue.

Americans are not willing to let our towns be destroyed either. We go to work to serve the customers who need us so that we will still have a down left when this is all over.

What we are doing is called freedom and it’s what is on the ballot on Tuesday. 

It’s never been more obvious than right now that the democrats absolutely don’t want people to have freedom of any kind.

We have seen what tyrannical democrats are willing to do to us. They lock us down and they shut down the police so that they can’t protect us.

This election is not really about Trump vs. Biden. It’s about freedom vs. tyranny. Many people have said this over the past few months.

Having lived in tyranny for the past eight months, there is no reason to vote for any more.