Over 18 months ago, thinking the country would be worse off in the near future, I wrote this in another publication. It speculated on the state of the Union.

The United States “…is like a couple who have been married over two hundred years, who had their first major tiff with the election of 1828, and who have progressively grown more and more tired of one another with each passing decade.

They don’t share the same values, don’t have the same friends, hate being with each other, and generally don’t agree on much. Their life together is becoming worse with little chance for improvement. By staying together, things could get so bad they could get physically contentious.

A National Divorce. Basically, they get the West Coast—we keep our military bases there—and we get the rest of the country. Here’s the plan.

Modeled after the Indian partition of 1947, without the initial bloodshed and decades of cold and hot war, the Bolshie states of Washington, Oregon, and California peacefully divorce from the Union, or we throw them out after a constitutional convention. Their Americans and our Bolshies are encouraged, even with government travel vouchers, to emigrate across the new border. We get back a clear limited government majority and maybe even a sane Democratic Party. They get the multiculty socialist regime they claim they want so much. We retain all our military bases like Ord, San Diego, Lewis, Bremerton, March AFB, etc. Defense-wise it’s kind of like our relationship with the Canadians. If Canada wants in on the action of joining with the new country or us, maybe we can consider it.”

Last night I was sitting on my deck with friends. I love the holidays, so I’m one of those annoying types that starts Christmas early. So, with my two foot portable prelit battery-run Hammacher Schlemmer Christmas tree, port, cigars, and Christmas music, a pal who is a Baltimore Police officer and his Department of Navy girlfriend and me were having a nice after-dinner conversation. And then I heard it.

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Car horns, fire crackers, noise makers, all celebrating the big con that is the press trying to convince us that Joe Biden has been duly elected president. As this cacophony rang in my ears I thought, I don’t want to be in the same country with those people. Do you? I return to my former eloquence.

“Before the leftist cultural takeover in the 60s, as Charles Murray points out in his brilliant ‘Coming Apart’, we (the American people) shared many of the same concepts of life and government. TV Superman could refer to something like ‘The American Way’ because there was a shared cultural consensus. Can we really talk of an American Way today that encompasses the nation as a whole? Do San Francisco and Charleston believe in the same things even at the most basic level? In the event of a national emergency, would they serve together to protect each other? Not too deep inside, we know the answer. Now to make the reality correspond with the divorce on the ground.” Yeah, what he said.