If we break this election, actually an important event in world history, into whether red or blue triumph, we can recall another matter when history was literally decided on colors.

Waterloo, Belgium. June, 1815. It’s near the end of the battle and the French under Napoleon have the advantage. The British under Wellington and their allies are faltering. But an Army hasn’t arrived on the field yet. It’s either Blucher’s Prussians (Germans), allied with the British, or a part of the French under Grouchy. Grouchy had been told by Napoleon to stay between Blucher and the battleground, thus not letting Blucher come to the aid of the British. Now, as the day grew later and vision decreased due to weather conditions, an Army approached from the west. But was it Blucher or Grouchy?

The light was dimming and the Prussians wore black. The French wore dark blue. You could hardly tell the difference from afar. Neither Napoleon nor Wellington knew if friend or foe approached.

It was…Blucher and the Prussians. Grouchy had not done his job and the French lost at Waterloo by a color swatch. And with that, world history changed. It was also the last time between 1815 and 1949 that the Germans were the good guys.

Thus, who is voting so early? The red or the blue? As Stendahl would ask, the scarlet or the black? Probably different people in different states. However, the clear advantage lies with the Democrats.

They have encouraged mail-in early voting because they can control it. We have no idea how many of these early mail-in ballots are real or fake harvested ballots. We don’t know how many ballots were intentionally or unintentionally misplaced by postal union members. We don’t know how many have been substituted or thrown away. But given Democrat past behavior, we can assume a good number of them are of suspicious origin and/or have been manipulated in some way. And who does that as a matter of course? Democrats.

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You can also bet, even though so many ballots will already be in county election offices weeks before the election, that there will be massive delays in securing and counting ballots. This will especially be true in Republican areas. While the wait is extended Democrats will claim victory and dismiss the need for further counting. The media and many elite facets of American society will back them up.

The only things the president will have on his side will be the law and many of the American people. But even that might not be enough if Biden looks clearly in the lead after the smoke clears from Election Night. The pressure on the president to concede, perhaps some from fellow Republicans, will be intense. Will he or won’t he? The difference will be between red and blue, black and blue, Blucher and Grouchy.