Maybe it’s because she is a woman or because she presents so well. Perhaps it’s because the Democrats couldn’t find any dirt on her and realize after Kavanaugh if they just make things up about Barrett it will backfire on them. It’s doubtful it’s because Barrett is very qualified for the Supreme Court and has a spotless personal and professional reputation, as Democrats care nothing about actual qualifications.

Whatever it is it’s getting Judge Amy Coney Barrett a pass from Democrats. As opposed to the raw hell they unleashed on Kavanaugh, Monday was a summer picnic. All the Democrats either focused on was Obamacare, a loser argument, or President Trump who, it may be news to them, has not been nominated to sit on the high court. They even hardly brought up their usual bugaboos on abortion. Nope. Obamacare and Trump is all they had. Today.

Yes, there will be more in days hence. But they know that the first day viewership is the greatest. That’s when you tempt the audience for more. But none of that today. It was almost as if they were going through the motions. Is there another reason for their apparent lethargy? Maybe.

They could be playing possum because they have a surprise. Though God knows on what, as Barrett has been vetted numerous times by everybody. They could, as they have in the past, go after her Roman Catholic religion. But they know that will backfire. Barrett has been active in the prolife movement and perhaps they want to hang her on that. However, then why feint towards Trump? Do they think Republicans will ever let their guard down after what happened to Kavanaugh? Hell, after what happened to Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork?

My guess is they can mount one massive con at a time and currently it’s the Biden campaign. They get credit for not dividing their forces to go after a losing deal for them like Barrett. But will the Barrett win give Trump a shot in the arm? It will certainly show he can still outfox and outgun the Democrats. And if, as in 2000, the election result falls to the Supreme Court, then the Barrett loss will sting indeed if the Court rules for Trump in a contested election.

However that’s in the future and the Barrett victory should be soon in coming. It could be the last hurrah for Donald Trump or just another in a line of past and future wins for the president and America. That fate, his reelection, is still up in the air. But the Barrett confirmation is a done deal. Granted, I’m going out on a bit of a limb to say it. But this limb feels solid. This one, is ours.