Not too long ago authoritarian socialist and losing 2016 president gorgon Hillary Clinton advised Joe Biden not to concede under any circumstances. She didn’t say don’t concede if it’s close or if it’s up in the air because a massive amount of ballots remain to be counted. But, under any circumstances.

Thus, a solid Trump win? Don’t concede. A Trump landslide? Don’t concede. This is a recipe for constitutional crisis and Hillary knows this. But her bitterness at her 2016 loss knows no bounds. She’s like Ahab to Trump’s whale, “From hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee…”

However if, as her acolytes no doubt think, she said this for the greater good of the republic, then is what’s good for the Bolshevik good for the Republican? Should Trump not concede, no matter what?

Well, let’s look at a scenario. Given lawsuits already pending and the dog’s breakfast of fraud and incompetence mail-in voting will bring, there will be no conclusive winner on November 3rd. Fuggedaboudit.

Nevertheless, the media will claim Biden won and the Democrats, as instructed by Hillary, will start picking the curtains in the Oval Office. My guess is that they go for classic red.

Trump will then face a decision. He can go Nixon 1960 or fight. In that race against John Kennedy there was overwhelming fraud for Kennedy in Texas and Illinois. Lyndon Johnson was the go to guy, and veep nominee, in Texas and Mayor Richard Daley was the fixer in Cook County, Illinois. Both were corrupt as the day is long.

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Nixon knew he had legitimately won both states and with them the presidency. But he didn’t want to put the country through the trauma of a contested election result. So he conceded and Kennedy went on to have an average presidency until he was deified after his murder.

Nixon knew that Kennedy was no wild eyed radical and was in fact relatively conservative. By today’s standards he’d be ultraconservative. Thus when Nixon threw in the towel he knew the nation would not lurch violently leftward. Can President Trump say the same thing?

Given that factor and given Democrat corruption, the only thing that should motivate Trump to concede at first should be a Biden landslide with corresponding Republican losses in the states. However, if those clearly transpire he should concede as soon as the results are clear. Which granted, could take a while.

What we can’t do is say, like the anti-constitutional Democrats, that we intend to grab power regardless of the wishes of the American people. Saying that, except for some notable exceptions like Senator Dick Durbin, and not condemning it exposes the Democrats for what they are: Politicians only interested in the acquisition and retention of raw power.