I haven’t been a fan of infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci from the moment he was presented to be the face of the task force for the COVID-19 response. 

Fauci has been entrenched in the government for most of his career, having been the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984. Being in the government that long is not a “plus” for me.

I also read Fauci’s emails to and about Hillary Clinton in WikiLeaks where he praises her and professes his love for her. 

These are not emails of a bipartisan person. He made comments about something Clinton did that had nothing to do with medicine or a virus. But still he still took the time to email her and her staff to profess his love and admiration.

In addition to that, Fauci has made many mistakes along the way as it pertains to COVID-19. 

He predicted that 2.2 million of people would die from the virus which is what led to him urging the president to lock down the economy.

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He told American citizens not to wear masks in order to save them for the medical community.

He has downplayed hydroxychloroquine even though it has saved lives.

And he continues to fearmonger and make predictions for the future.

Over the weekend, Fauci made news by complaining about a GOP Trump ad where the ad uses Fauci’s own words, praising Trump for his response to COVID-19.

In the ad that the GOP has running, Fauci says, “I can’t imagine…that anybody could be doing more.” 

The quote is from a Fox News interview with Mark Levin where Fauci gushed about the Trump administration’s efforts to deal with the pandemic.

It’s a true quote.

Trump IS the Trump administration.

Trump IS the task force.

He’s the boss. The task force wouldn’t exist without Trump’s say so.

Any praise Fauci gives on the coronavirus response IS praise for Trump and the task force. Vice President Mike Pence is the point man for the task force and Trump is his boss. The buck stops in the Oval Office. Or so the leftist media keeps telling us.

The fact that this story was a CNN exclusive doesn’t inspire me to think Fauci is bipartisan either. 

Fauci said over the weekend that he didn’t consent to be in Trump’s new ad about his handling of the pandemic. He said, “In my nearly five decades of public service, I have never publicly endorsed any political candidate. The comments attributed to me without my permission in the GOP campaign ad were taken out of context from a broad statement I made months ago about the efforts of federal public health officials.”

As I stated above, guess who’s the head of those federal public health officials?

Yes, that would be President Trump.

So no, Fauci’s words were NOT taken out of context. If you praise the coronavirus task force and the work of the Trump administration, you are praising Trump.

Fauci has never had a problem before when Trump re-quoted his praise for the efforts of the Trump administration in their fight against COVID-19 but he’s upset about it now because his words in the ad make him look bad to his democratic buddies like Crooked Hillary.

Trump defended using Fauci in the ad by saying that they’re “indeed Mr. Fauci’s own words.”

The Trump campaign put out even more Fauci quotes on their website to remind everyone what Fauci has said in the past about the coronavirus response.

And what else did Fauci say when he was on MSNBC and Joe Scarborough in March? He praised the early actions of cutting off travel from China. 

Fauci says the words “our” and “we” – a team effort.

Trump’s team effort.

But now Fauci is trying to act like he has been praising the Trump administration but not Trump so that he can save face with the democrats.

Give me a break, Fauci.