“SPQR” is a Latin, as in Roman, abbreviation for Senātus Populusque Rōmānus. “For the Senate and People of Rome” was emblematic in referring to the government of the ancient Roman Republic. We Americans may come to know its meaning again very soon.

No, we’re not going imperial. At least, not officially. But if Joe Biden is elected president the Republican Senate will be the main wall holding back the tide of authoritarian socialism that will sweep the federal government. Yes, we will have a majority on the Supreme Court. But don’t put it past the hard Left to ignore the court if they have the guns of the federal government at their beck and call.

Will we keep the Senate in November? Yes. We may lose one or gain one. But it looks safe. If recent history is any indicator, we may even get back the House in 2022. All presidents since Clinton, aside from Bush the Younger-and that was because of 9-11, have lost the House in their first midterm. So there will be, if Biden is elected, a two year window of extreme danger for the American republic.

The danger will emanate from the Biden Justice Department. There’s where the hard left will come looking for their payment for supporting him. Biden will appoint someone to the post of Attorney General like New York state Attorney General Leticia James. She is so far left she makes Eric Holder look like Ted Cruz. Sure, whoever he appoints will have to be confirmed by the probable Republican Senate.

But what if Biden just keeps them in acting status without confirmation, knowing he can’t get them through the Senate? He could play that game with various appointments and various acting appointees for a while, the entire time the message would be that Republicans are holding up government by not even letting Biden have his cabinet.

The Biden Justice Department could criminalize the Orwellian concept of “hate speech” to such a degree it could squash opposition. It could try to impose confiscatory gun control. Yes again, the conservative high court could strike these  down. But what did Mao say about political power? “All political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” The federal government has the bigger guns. If those guns are challenged things will get sporty right quick.

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Who would stand in their way on Capitol Hill? The Senate, led by Mitch McConnell. He is a master legislative tactician and strategist. But in that first two years of a Biden regime Nancy Pelosi will come up with any rationalization she can to unconstitutionally bypass the Senate. The White House will help by any executive order, any fiat, any measure it can cloak in media, academic, pop culture, and mob approval.

That leaves the second part of the phrase, the people. What we do or don’t do in the potential first two years of a Biden administration will leave a tumultuous mark on this republic for years to come. History teaches us that eventually, after their years of political turmoil, Rome lost its republic. America must choose wisely in November, lest we lose ours.